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Please find below news from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Microsaic Systems plc. (12/13/16). "Press Release: Trading Update". 2016-12-13
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (12/12/16). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Announces £100M / $126M Fundraising". Oxford. 2016-12-12
AstraZeneca plc. (12/9/16). "Press Release: US FDA Accepts First Biologics License Application for AstraZeneca’s Durvalumab in Bladder Cancer". 2016-12-09
AstraZeneca plc. (12/9/16). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Lilly to Develop Second Potentially Disease-modifying Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease". 2016-12-09
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (12/8/16). "Press Release: Heptares Scientists Solve Structure of CCR9 Chemokine Receptor Offering Unique Opportunity to Apply Structure-Based Design across Chemokine Receptor Family". London. 2016-12-08
Eurofins Scientific. (12/6/16). "Press Release: Eurofins Reinforces Its North American Footprint with the Acquisition of Exova’s Environment Testing Laboratories in Eastern Canada". 2016-12-06
AstraZeneca plc. (12/6/16). "Press Release: Tagrisso Demonstrates Superiority over Chemotherapy in EGFR T790M Mutation-positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer". 2016-12-06
AstraZeneca plc. (12/5/16). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Completes Agreement With Cilag GmbH International for Rights to Rhinocort Aqua Outside the US". 2016-12-05
Kymab Group Ltd.. (12/5/16). "Press Release: Antibody Shows Dramatic Post-transplant Benefit". 2016-12-05
F2G Ltd.. (12/5/16). "Press Release: F2G Ltd Announces the Appointment of John H. Rex, MD, FACP to the Position of Chief Medical Officer". Manchester. 2016-12-05
Bruker Corporation. (12/2/16). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Corporate Partnership with International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN) for NMR Technologies and SOPs". Billerica, MA. 2016-12-02
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.. (12/2/16). "Press Release: Cerevance Launched with New Technology, Drug Portfolio and $36m in Cash to Tackle Brain Diseases". Osaka & Cambridge, MA. 2016-12-02
Bellevue Group AG. (12/2/16). "Press Release: Successful Launch of BB Healthcare Trust plc on the London Stock Exchange – Initial Issue Volume GBP 150 Million [Not for US]". 2016-12-02
Valneva S.E.. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Leading Healthcare Investor MVM Life Science Partners Acquires 7.5% Shareholding in Valneva". Lyon. 2016-12-01
Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd.. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Bicycle Therapeutics Announces Broad Partnership with AstraZeneca to Develop Bicyclic Peptides (Bicycles)". Cambridge & Cambridge, MA. 2016-12-01
VIB, Flanders Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology. (12/1/16). "Press Release: V-Bio Ventures Closes First Life Sciences Fund, Raising over € 75 Million". 2016-12-01
Oncodesign S.A.. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Oncodesign Completes the Acquisition of François Hyafil Research Centre and Appoints Two New Strategic Activity Directors". Dijon. 2016-12-01
Genomics plc. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Genomics plc First to Sequence Multiple Human Genomes Using Hand-held Nanopore Technology". Oxford. 2016-12-01
Congenica Ltd.. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Elucigene Partners with Congenica on New NGS Cystic Fibrosis Kit". 2016-12-01
Coulter Partners. (12/1/16). "Press Release: Coulter Partners Places Chief Financial Officer for Medigene AG". 2016-12-01
Waters Corporation. (11/30/16). "Press Release: International Phenome Centre Network Launches with Waters as a Founding Partner". Milford, MA. 2016-11-30
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/30/16). "Press Release: Heptares to Acquire G7 Therapeutics to Extend Leadership in GPCR-Focused Drug Discovery and Development". London & Zurich. 2016-11-30
John Wiley & Sons. (11/30/16). "Press Release: Wiley Launches New Spectra Lab Applications to Help Scientists Manage Analytical Data". 2016-11-30
Orchard Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/29/16). "Press Release: Orchard Therapeutics Announces Strategic Alliance with Oxford BioMedica". London & Oxford. 2016-11-29
Themis Bioscience GmbH. (11/28/16). "Press Release: Themis Bioscience Successfully Closes 10 M EUR Financing Round". Vienna. 2016-11-29
International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN). (11/29/16). "Press Release: Global Research Network Hunts the Missing Link between Genetics and Environmental Factors to Unlock the Secrets of Global Diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes to Revolutionise Healt 2016-11-29
AstraZeneca plc. (11/29/16). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Takes Latest Scientific Advances in Oncology to Major US and European Congresses". 2016-11-29
SenzaGen AB. (11/29/16). "Press Release: SenzaGen Awarded EU Grant of € 2,4 Million in Heavy Competition, to Develop GARDair for Industry Use". 2016-11-29
Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/28/16). "Press Release: Bicycle Therapeutics to Present Preclinical Data at the 28th EORTC-NIC-AACR Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics Symposium". Cambridge, MA & Cambridge. 2016-11-28
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (11/25/16). "Press Release: GSK Announces EU Regulatory Submission of Candidate Vaccine for Prevention of Shingles – Follows Regulatory Submissions in US and Canada". London. 2016-11-25
GHO Capital Partners LLP. (11/25/16). "Press Release: GHO Capital Closes €660 Million Private Equity Fund". London. 2016-11-25
Kymab Group Ltd.. (11/24/16). "Press Release: Kymab Secures US$100 Million Series C Funding". 2016-11-24
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (11/24/16). "Press Release: GSK Starts Phase III Programme with Daprodustat for Anaemia Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease". London. 2016-11-24
LIFNano Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/24/16). "Press Release: Innovative Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Receives £1m Funding Boost". 2016-11-24
Ablynx N.V.. (11/23/16). "Press Release: Ablynx Announces Results for the First Nine Months of 2016 and a Year-to-Date Business Update". Ghent. 2016-11-23
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (11/23/16). "Press Release: GSK Announces Phase lll Study of Mepolizumab Meets Co-primary Endpoints and All Secondary Endpoints in Patients with Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis". London. 2016-11-23
Medtech Accelerator. (11/23/16). "Press Release: Medtech Accelerator Finance Scheme Introduced in a £1.5 Million Joint Venture". 2016-11-23
Avacta Group plc. (11/23/16). "Press Release: Avacta Demonstrates Key Performance Benefits of Affimer Technology for Affinity Separation". 2016-11-23
Orchard Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/23/16). "Press Release: Orchard Therapeutics and UCLA Receive USD20 Million in Latest Round of Funding from California’s Stem Cell Agency". London. 2016-11-23
Cellectis S.A.. (11/22/16). "Press Release: Cellectis Reports Financial Results for 3rd Quarter and First Nine Months 2016". New York, NY. 2016-11-22
Malvern Instruments Ltd.. (11/22/16). "Press Release: Malvern and PANalytical Announce Merger". 2016-11-22
Autolus Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/22/16). "Press Release: Autolus to Manufacture at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult – Collaboration to Support GMP Approval and Licensure of the Centre". London. 2016-11-22
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (11/21/16). "Press Release: GSK Files Regulatory Submission in US for Once-daily Closed Triple Combination Therapy FF/UMEC/VI for Patients with COPD". London. 2016-11-21
Sanger Institute. (11/21/16). "Press Release: Prime Minister Opened £42m Biodata Innovation Centre and New Sequencing Facility". 2016-11-21
Bluebee. (11/17/16). "Press Release: Bluebee Successfully Obtains Information Governance Statement of Compliance". Boston, MA & Rijswijk. 2016-11-17
Horizon Discovery Group plc. (11/17/16). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Partners with Sophia Genetics on NGS Reference Standards for Oncology Applications". Lausanne & Cambridge. 2016-11-17
Bruker Corporation. (11/17/16). "Press Release: Bruker and Oxford Instruments Announce Acquisition of Oxford Instruments Superconducting Wire Business by Bruker's BEST Segment". Billerica, MA & Tubney Woods. 2016-11-17
HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.. (11/16/16). "Press Release: HTG Molecular Diagnostics and Qiagen Team Up to Advance Precision Diagnostics". Tucson, AZ & Venlo. 2016-11-16
Horizon Discovery Group plc. (11/16/16). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery Enters Chinese Clinical Diagnostics Market". Cambridge. 2016-11-16
Cellnovo. (11/16/16). "Press Release: Cellnovo Files for 510(k) Approval with the FDA for Its Mobile, Connected, All-in-one Diabetes Management System". Paris. 2016-11-16
Genedata AG. (11/15/16). "Press Release: F-star Selects Genedata Biologics for Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics Discovery". Basel & Cambridge. 2016-11-15
Evotec AG. (11/14/16). "Press Release: Evotec to Present at Two Upcoming IR Conferences in November". Hamburg. 2016-11-14
Stallergenes Greer plc. (11/14/16). "Press Release: Collaboration with the Sean N. Parker Center at Stanford University". 2016-11-14
Epigenomics AG. (11/14/16). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG to Participate in Investor Conferences". Berlin & Germantown, MD. 2016-11-14
Evotec AG. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Evotec and Oxford Create Novel Partnership Called »LAB282«". Hamburg. 2016-11-10
Evotec AG. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Evotec AG Reports Results of First Nine Months of 2016". Hamburg. 2016-11-10
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Reports Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results". Philadeliphia, PA & Oxford. 2016-11-10
Kaye Scholer LLP. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Arnold & Porter and Kaye Scholer Announce Combination". 2016-11-10
Enterprise Therapeutics Ltd.. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Enterprise Therapeutics Announces £4 million ($5 million USD) Fundraising". Brighton. 2016-11-10
Almac Group Ltd.. (11/10/16). "Press Release: Almac Group Announce £27 million Global Expansion. Global Headcount Set to Reach 5,000 by 2017". Craigavon. 2016-11-10
Affimed N.V.. (11/9/16). "Press Release: Affimed to Present at the Jefferies 2016 London Healthcare Conference". Heidelberg. 2016-11-09
Tecan Group Ltd.. (11/9/16). "Press Release: Tecan to Present at Jefferies 2016 London Healthcare Conference". Männedorf. 2016-11-09
Sygnis AG. (11/9/16). "Press Release: Sygnis AG Reports Nine Month Results for the Period Ended September 30, 2016". Madrid & Heidelberg. 2016-11-09
Horizon Discovery Group plc. (11/9/16). "Press Release: Horizon Discovery and CareDx Enter into OEM Agreement for Routine Inclusion of Cell-Free DNA Reference Standards in Transplant Testing". Cambridge. 2016-11-09
Ablynx N.V.. (11/9/16). "Press Release: Ablynx to Present at the Jefferies London Healthcare Conference 2016". Ghent. 2016-11-09
Definiens AG. (11/7/16). "Press Release: Definiens Launches Cloud-based Digital Pathology Solution VeriTrova to Support Takeda’s Translational and Biomarker Research Efforts". Munich. 2016-11-07
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (11/3/16). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Responds to the Patent Lawsuit Filed by Pacific Biosciences". 2016-11-03
Eppendorf AG. (11/3/16). "Press Release: Eppendorf AG Acquires Calibration Technology Ltd". Hamburg. 2016-11-03
Neovacs S.A.. (11/3/16). "Press Release: Neovacs to Attend Jefferies 2016 London Healthcare Conference November 16 & 17, 2016". Paris & Boston, MA. 2016-11-03
Bruker Corporation. (11/2/16). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Acquisition of Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) Assays and Syndromic Panel Technology to Expand its MALDI Biotyper Platform". Billerica. 2016-11-02
Affimed N.V.. (11/2/16). "Press Release: Affimed Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter 2016". Heidelberg. 2016-11-02
Owlstone Medical. (11/1/16). "Press Release: Owlstone Medical and Imperial College Collaborate to Study Underlying Causes of Asthma Exacerbations". Cambridge. 2016-11-01
AMETEK, Inc.. (11/1/16). "Press Release: AMETEK Announces Third Quarter 2016 Results". Berwyn, PA. 2016-11-01
Waters Corporation. (11/1/16). "Press Release: Waters and Sotax Group Sign Co-Marketing and Re-Seller Agreement". Milford, MA. 2016-11-01
Acesion Pharma ApS. (11/1/16). "Press Release: Acesion Pharma Raises 9.1 Million EUR in First Closing of New Funding from Novo Seeds and Wellcome Trust". 2016-11-01
Bruker Corporation. (11/1/16). "Press Release: Bruker Bio AFM Enables Advanced DNA Research at University of Leeds". Santa Barbara, CA. 2016-11-01
Proteome Sciences plc. (10/31/16). "Press Release: Placing and Subscription of 66,258,100 New Ordinary Shares at 5 Pence perShare and Notice of General Meeting". 2016-10-31
Arix Bioscience plc. (10/31/16). "Press Release: Arix Bioscience Appoints Dr Franz B. Humer as Senior Independent Director". London. 2016-10-31
Mercia Technologies plc. (10/27/16). "Press Release: Investment in Oxford Genetics Limited". 2016-10-27
Evolva Holding S.A.. (10/27/16). "Press Release: ERS Genomics and Evolva Sign License Agreement on CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing Patents for Industrial Applications". Dublin & Reinach. 2016-10-27
BoneSupport AB. (10/27/16). "Press Release: BoneSupport Raises $37 Million (SEK 327 Million) to Drive Product Sales and Deliver Further Value From Cerament Injectable Drug Eluting Bioceramic Platform". 2016-10-27
AB Sciex (d/b/a Sciex). (10/27/16). "Press Release: Scientists Eradicate Leukemic Stem Cells by Targeting Cell Survival Proteins. Sciex Mass Spectrometry-based Solutions Lead to Leukemia Breakthroughs". Framingham, MA. 2016-10-27
Probiodrug AG. (10/27/16). "Press Release: Probiodrug to Present at European Life Sciences Conferences. Attendance at Key Conferences in November 2016". Halle (Saale). 2016-10-27
Evotec AG. (10/26/16). "Press Release: Evotec AG Announces Its Intent to Acquire Cyprotex plc". Hamburg. 2016-10-26
Genomics Medicine Ireland Ltd.. (10/26/16). "Press Release: Genomics Medicine Ireland Raises $40 Million in Series A Funding". Dublin. 2016-10-26
Enamine Ltd.. (10/24/16). "Press Release: Enamine and FCH Group Collaborate to Extend Compound Library Synthesis Program". Kiev. 2016-10-24
Eurofins Scientific UK. (10/24/16). "Press Release: Eurofins Acquires International Laboratory Services Ltd". 2016-10-24
Mundipharma International Ltd.. (10/19/16). "Press Release: Results from the NOR-SWITCH Study Support Switch from Remicade to Remsima (biosimilar infliximab)". Cambridge. 2016-10-19
Markes International Ltd.. (10/18/16). "Press Release: Markes International Enhances Its Suite of Thermal Desorption Products with New Sorptive Extraction Technology". Llantrisant. 2016-10-18
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd.. (10/18/16). "Press Release: Peak Assist Adelaide Glycomics Lab". 2016-10-18
ADC Therapeutics S.A.. (10/18/16). "Press Release: ADC Therapeutics Announces Closing of $105 Million Private Financing". Lausanne. 2016-10-18
Jefferies Group LLC. (10/18/16). "Press Release: Jefferies to Host 2016 London Healthcare Conference". London. 2016-10-18
Arquer Diagnostics Ltd.. (10/18/16). "Press Release: Arquer Diagnostics and the University of Sunderland Collaborate to Extend Application of Cancer Diagnostic". Sunderland. 2016-10-18
Arquer Diagnostics Ltd.. (10/18/16). "Press Release: Arquer Diagnostics Appoints Nadia Whittley as CEO". Sunderland. 2016-10-18
Ergomed plc. (10/14/16). "Press Release: Ergomed’s Co-development Partner Aeterna Zentaris, Inc. Announces a Fourth Licensing Agreement for Zoptrex". London. 2016-10-14
Kite Pharma, Inc.. (10/13/16). "Press Release: Kite Pharma Appoints Chris Nowers as Head of Europe to Lead Commercial Operations and Advance the Company's CAR/TCR Therapy Portfolio in the Region". Santa Monica, CA. 2016-10-13
PhoreMost Ltd.. (10/12/16). "Press Release: PhoreMost Ltd and University of Cambridge Collaborate to Identify Innovative Drug Targets for Neurodegenerative Disease". Cambridge. 2016-10-12
Immunocore Ltd.. (10/12/16). "Press Release: Immunocore Appoints Paul Fry as Chief Financial Officer". Oxford. 2016-10-12
Oxford Immunotec Global plc. (10/12/16). "Press Release: Oxford Immunotec Acquires Immunetics, Inc.". Oxford & Marlborough, MA. 2016-10-12
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (10/12/16). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Provides Update on Clinical Study Evaluating Its SPEAR T-Cell Therapy Targeting NY-ESO-1 in Ovarian Cancer". Philadeliphia, PA & Oxford. 2016-10-12
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