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Please find below news from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland as well as about organisations from these countries.

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Sartorius AG. (7/21/15). "Press Release: First Half of 2015. Sartorius Stedim Biotech Continues Dynamic Growth". 2015-07-21
Sartorius AG. (7/21/15). "Press Release: First Half of 2015 – Sartorius Continues Dynamic Growth". Göttingen. 2015-07-21
Arquer Diagnostics Ltd.. (7/20/15). "Press Release: UroSens Announces Corporate Name Change and Rebranding to Arquer Diagnostics Ltd". Sunderland & Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Horizon Discovery Group plc. (7/20/15). "Press Release: Trading Update. Half Year Revenue of circa £8.6 Million". Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Novacyt S.A.. (7/20/15). "Press Release: Novacyt Completes €2m Private Placement to Support Second Half Sales Growth". Paris & Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Novacyt S.A.. (7/20/15). "Press Release: Strong First-half Revenues. Completes €3.5m in Bond Refinancing and Launches a €1.7m Private Placement". Paris & Cambridge. 2015-07-20
Immunocore Ltd.. (7/16/15). "Press Release: Immunocore Secures $320 Million (£205 Million) in Europe’s Largest Private Life Sciences Financing". Oxford. 2015-07-16
Noxxon Pharma AG. (7/14/15). "Press Release: Noxxon Appoints Aram Mangasarian as CEO". Berlin & Boston, MA. 2015-07-14
14M Genomics Ltd.. (7/14/15). "Press Release: 14M Genomics Appoints Alan Schafer as Chief Executive Officer". Cambridge. 2015-07-14
Celsus Therapeutics plc. (7/13/15). "Press Release: Celsus Therapeutics and Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals Announce Agreement to Create Orphan Disease Company Focused on Complement C5 Inhibition". New York & London. 2015-07-13
Eikonix. (7/10/15). "Press Release: NanoHybrids Appoint Eikonix as UK Distributor for Their Gold Nanoparticles". 2015-07-10
ReNeuron Group plc. (7/10/15). "Press Release: ReNeuron Announces Proposed Placing to Raise £68.4 million and Notice of General Meeting [Not for US, CA, AU, ZA, JP, NZ, et al.]". Guildford. 2015-07-10
Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy. (9/7/15). "Press Release: Intention to Float on AIM [not for US, AU, CA, JP, ZA, IE, et al.]". Turku. 2015-07-09
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs). (7/8/15). "Press Release: ACD/Labs and IDBS Partnership Delivers Live Analytical Data to ELN Interface". Toronto, ON & London. 2015-07-08
Abingworth LLP. (7/7/15). "Press Release: Abingworth Appoints Tim Haines and Kurt von Emster as Joint Managing Partners". London. 2015-07-07
Definiens AG. (7/7/15). "Press Release: Definiens Doubles the Speed of Tissue Analysis with Tissue Studio 4.1". Munich. 2015-07-07
MRC Technology. (7/7/15). "Press Release: MRC Technology Appoints Technology Transfer Director". 2015-07-07
Innate Pharma S.A.. (7/7/15). "Press Release: Clearance of Co-development and Commercialization Agreement with AstraZeneca and Receipt by Innate Pharma of $250m Initial Payment". Marseille. 2015-07-07
Consilium Strategic Communications Ltd.. (7/2/15). "Press Release: Consilium Strategic Communications Appoints Chris Gardner as a Partner". London. 2015-07-02
Danaher Corporation. (7/1/15). "Press Release: Danaher Announces Pricing of Euro-Denominated Senior Notes Offering". Washington, DC. 2015-07-01
Immunocore Ltd.. (6/29/15). "Press Release: Immunocore and Lilly Announce Immunotherapy-based Clinical Trial Collaboration in Melanoma". Oxford & Indianapolis, IN. 2015-06-29
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (6/25/15). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Signs Agreement to Acquire Research Chemicals Leader Alfa Aesar". Waltham, MA. 2015-06-25
Eikonix. (6/25/15). "Press Release: The JuLI FL Live Cell Imager and Counter". Cambridge. 2015-06-25
Waters Corporation. (6/25/15). "Press Release: Waters Corporation Announces Christopher J. O’Connell as Chief Executive Officer". Milford, MA. 2015-06-25
Invenra, Inc.. (6/25/15). "Press Release: Invenra and Oxford BioTherapeutics Enter Collaboration to Discover Novel Therapeutic Antibodies Targeting Cancer". Madison, WI & Oxford. 2015-06-25
Illumina, Inc.. (6/25/15). "Press Release: Biomed Realty and Illumina Announce New Build-to-Suit Laboratory Building in Cambridge's Growing Life Science Cluster". San Diego, CA. 2015-06-25
ADC Therapeutics S.a.r.l.. (6/22/15). "Press Release: ADC Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Chris Martin as Chief Executive Officer". Lausanne & London. 2015-06-22
Valneva S.E.. (6/22/15). "Press Release: Valneva Takes Direct Control Over Marketing and Distribution of Ixiaro to Increase Margin and Profitability ". Lyon. 2015-06-22
Genomics England Ltd.. (6/19/15). "Press Release: Genomics England Announces 30 Research Topics Forming the Clinical Interpretation Partnership". 2015-06-19
MRC Technology. (6/19/15). "Press Release: Brain Inflammation Targeted in First Drug Discovery Project from £3m Dementia Consortium". 2015-06-19
TTP Group plc. (6/18/15). "Press Release: David Newble Joins TTP Labtech as New Managing Director". 2015-06-18
AstraZeneca plc. (6/17/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca to Collaborate with the University of Michigan to Advance Treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease". 2015-06-17
AstraZeneca plc. (6/17/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca to Collaborate with Inserm in Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Studies". 2015-06-17
BioCity Scotland. (6/17/15). "Press Release: BioCity Scotland Tenant Company Biogelx Receives Significant Funding Boost to Allow Global Expansion". 2015-06-17
OBN (UK) Ltd.. (6/17/15). "Press Release: OBN Chief Executive Jon Rees to Step Down After Transformational Decade". London. 2015-06-17
Heptares Therapeutics Ltd.. (6/17/15). "Press Release: Positive Outcome of Phase 1a Study with First-Ever Selective Muscarinic M1 Receptor Agonist for Improving Cognition in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease". London & Boston, MA. 2015-06-17
AstraZeneca plc. (6/16/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Appoints Pam Cheng as Executive Vice President, Operations and IT". 2015-06-16
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (6/16/15). "Press Release: GSK to Create Independent Research Institute with Goal of Radically Changing and Improving Medicines Development". 2015-06-16
University of Manchester, Manchester Cancer Research Centre. (6/16/15). "Press Release: State-of-the-art Research Centre Will Transform Cancer Treatment. A New £28.5m Research Centre that Will Transform Cancer Treatment Has Opened in Manchester". 2015-06-16
Agalimmune Ltd.. (6/15/15). "Press Release: Agalimmune Licenses Kode Biotech’s FSL Technology for Development of Cancer Immunotherapeutics. Deal Worth up to $31M USD (£21 Million GBP)". London. 2015-06-15
Avalon Ventures. (6/15/15). "Press Release: Avalon Ventures and GSK Launch Three New Companies with Series A Financing and R&D Support as Part of Ongoing Successful Collaboration". 2015-06-15
Nemesis Bioscience Ltd.. (6/15/15). "Press Release: Nemesis Bioscience Raises £300,000 in Seed Funding and Opens Development Facility in Wales". 2015-06-15
Almac Group Ltd.. (6/15/15). "Press Release: Almac Discovery Announce Ubiquitin Specific Protease Collaboration with Genentech". Craigavon. 2015-06-15
Verona Pharma plc. (6/12/15). "Press Release: Verona Pharma plc Secondary Listing to Provide Trading Facility on Xetra Exchange in Germany". Cardiff. 2015-06-12
Markes International Ltd.. (6/12/15). "Press Release: Markes International Launches Free Soft-EI Spectral Library". Llantrisant. 2015-06-12
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (6/11/15). "Press Release: LDC to Collaborate with Johnson & Johnson Innovation on Acceleration of Academic Drug Discovery Initiatives". Dortmund. 2015-06-11
Sebia S.A.. (6/10/15). "Press Release: Sebia Brings to Market New Capillarys 3 Tera Automated System with CE Mark HbA1c and Serum Protein Testing, and Immunotyping". Paris. 2015-06-10
MRC Technology. (6/10/15). "Press Release: MRC Technology and Peptinnovate Collaborate on Therapeutics for Bone Diseases". London & Stevenage. 2015-06-10
Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO). (6/10/15). "Press Release: Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology and AstraZeneca Form an Oncology Alliance". 2015-06-10
Eppendorf AG. (6/9/15). "Press Release: Newsflash – Eppendorf Licenses Technology for Thermal Cyclers to Alpha Laboratories Ltd". Hamburg. 2015-06-09
BEAM Alliance. (6/9/15). "Press Release: Launch of the BEAM Alliance – Europe’s Combined Action against Antimicrobial Resistance. Biotechs from Europe Innovating in Anti-microbial Resistance". 2015-06-09
Scienion AG. (6/9/15). "Press Release: QuantuMDx and Scienion Partner to Commercialise Novel Nanowire Biosensor". Newcastle-Upon-Tyne & Berlin. 2015-06-09
Abzena plc. (6/8/15). "Press Release: Results for the Year Ended 31 March 2015". Cambridge, UK. 2015-06-08
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (6/6/15). "Press Release: British Healthcare Institutions Lead the Way with Cutting Edge Genetic Analysis Technology to Better Examine Cancers and Congenital Diseases". Glasgow. 2015-06-06
Auspherix Ltd.. (6/3/15). "Press Release: Auspherix Raises £6 Million to Progress Its Novel Antibiotics and Establishes UK Operations". Stevenage. 2015-06-03
ProBioGen AG. (6/2/15). "Press Release: Anti-Ebola MVA Vaccine Produced on ProBioGen’s Avian AGE1.CR Cell Line Platform in Clinical Trials". Berlin. 2015-06-02
Teva UK Ltd.. (6/2/15). "Press Release: Teva UK Limited Names Steve Oldfield as General Manager". 2015-06-02
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (6/2/15). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Recognizes Tandem Mass Tag Grant Award Winners at ASMS 2015". St. Louis, MO. 2015-06-02
Definiens AG. (5/29/15). "Press Release: Definiens Releases Biomarker Datafication Services for Oncology Clinical Development". Munich. 2015-05-29
AstraZeneca plc. (5/29/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Lilly to Collaborate on Immuno-oncology Combination Clinical Trial in Solid Tumours". 2015-05-29
Fluidigm Corporation. (5/27/15). "Press Release: Fluidigm Brings Automated Targeted Library Prep To Juno". South San Francisco, CA. 2015-05-27
Waters Corporation. (5/27/15). "Press Release: Waters Brings Novel Separations and Ionization Technologies to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry at ASMS". Milford, MA. 2015-05-27
One Nucleus. (5/26/15). "Press Release: One Nucleus and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Form Partnership". 2015-05-26
ChemAxon Kft.. (5/26/15). "Press Release: CRC Press CHEMnetBASE Integrates ChemAxon’s Marvin JS". Boca Raton, FL. 2015-05-26
AstraZeneca plc. (5/22/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Provides Update on Brodalumab Development Programme". 2015-05-22
Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd.. (5/20/15). "Press Release: LCC Launches Unique Process to Reduce Production Time of Chiral Building Blocks by 75%". Liverpool. 2015-05-20
908 Devices, Inc.. (5/20/15). "Press Release: 908 Devices’ High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS) to Power Next-Generation Chemical Detector Tools". Boston, MA. 2015-05-20
SGS S.A.. (5/19/15). "Press Release: SGS Acquires SVA Ltd, UK". 2015-05-19
PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd.. (5/19/15). "Press Release: PsiOxus Therapeutics Raises a £25m Series C Investment to Progress Oncolytic Virus plus Checkpoint Inhibitor Combination Study in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer". Oxford, UK. 2015-05-19
Abcodia Ltd.. (5/18/15). "Press Release: Abcodia Secures Funding of £5.25 million ($8m) to Launch the ROCA Test for the Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer". 2015-05-18
Redx Pharma plc. (5/14/15). "Press Release: Launch of Third Subsidiary, Redx Immunology Limited". 2015-05-14
Xention Ltd.. (5/13/15). "Press Release: Xention Introduces Metrion Biosciences, a Specialist Ion Channel Screening Business". Cambridge. 2015-05-13
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (5/12/15). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Presents Thought Leader Award to Lipidomics Expert Dr. Jules Griffin. Cambridge Researcher to Further Studies of Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease". Santa Clara, CA. 2015-05-12
Almac Group Ltd.. (5/11/15). "Press Release: Elasmogen and Almac Discovery Join Forces to Tackle Solid Tumours". 2015-05-11
Eurofins. (5/11/15). "Press Release: Eurofins Achieves almost 30% Revenue Growth in Q1 2015". 2015-05-11
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc. (5/11/15). "Press Release: Adaptimmune Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering". Oxford & Philadelphia, PA. 2015-05-11
PhoreMost Ltd.. (5/11/15). "Press Release: PhoreMost Awarded £1.4M Innovate UK Funding to Develop Lead Oncology Programme". Cambridge. 2015-05-11
Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd.. (5/11/15). "Press Release: Appointment of Arvind Hundal as President and Chief Business Officer". Cambridge. 2015-05-11
Kymab Ltd.. (5/6/15). "Press Release: Kymab Secures US$90 Million Funding. Woodford Patient Capital Trust plc and Malin Corporation plc join the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Complete Series B Financing". Cambridge. 2015-05-06
Bayer AG. (5/5/15). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience and Flagship Ventures Form Strategic Innovation Partnership to Fund Leading-edge Agriculture Ventures". Monheim. 2015-05-05
Omeicos Therapeutics GmbH. (5/5/15). "Press Release: Omeicos Appoints Dr. Ulrich Dauer as Chief Executive Officer". Berlin. 2015-05-05
Selvita S.A.. (5/5/15). "Press Release: Selvita Establishes Its UK Subsidiary in Cambridge". Kraków. 2015-05-05
Sygnis AG. (5/4/15). "Press Release: Sygnis Signs Non-exclusive Distribution Agreement with Cambridge Bioscience Ltd. for UK and Ireland". Madrid & Heidelberg. 2015-05-04
ImaBiotech S.A.S.. (5/15). "Press Release: ImaBiotech to Conduct Pilot Study with GSK to Assess ImaBiotech's Multimaging Technology". Lille. 2015-05-01
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (4/29/15). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Raises Additional $64 Million to Translate Breakthrough CRISPR-Cas9 Technology into Next Generation Therapies for Patients". Basel & Cambridge, MA. 2015-04-29
PeptiDream Inc.. (4/29/15). "Press Release: PeptiDream Announces Peptide Discovery Collaboration Agreement with Merck & Co., Inc". Tokyo. 2015-04-29
Alacrita LLP. (4/28/15). "Press Release: Alacrita Expands Medical Advisory Team to Advise Clients on Clinical Strategy and Medical Due Diligence – Appoints Christine McCarthy MD as Associate Partner". London & Cambridge, MA. 2015-04-28
Protagen AG. (4/28/15). "Press Release: NavigAID SLE – Protagen Zooms into the Micro Cosmos of Autoimmune Disease". 2015-04-28
Bruker Corporation. (4/27/15). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces CE-marked IVD MALDI Sepsityper Solution for Rapid Identification of over 2,200 Microorganisms Directly from Positive Blood Culture". Copenhagen. 2015-04-27
Omega Diagnostics Group plc. (4/27/15). "Press Release: Board Appointment. Colin King Has Agreed to Join the Board as Chief Operating Officer". 2015-04-27
Second Genome, Inc.. (4/27/15). "Press Release: Second Genome Announces Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Alliance with the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork". South San Francisco, CA. 2015-04-27
AstraZeneca plc. (4/24/15). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Innate Pharma Announce Global Co-development and Commercialisation Collaboration for IPH2201 in Immuno-oncology". 2015-04-24
TxCell S.A.. (4/23/15). "Press Release: TxCell and Trizell Amend Collaboration Agreement to Accelerate Ovasave Development". Valbonne. 2015-04-23
ChemAxon Kft.. (4/22/15). "Press Release: IDBS and ChemAxon Partnership Harnesses Leading Biology and Chemistry Expertise. Strategic Technology Deal Strengthens IDBS’ Single R&D Data Management Platform". Boston, MA, Budapest & London. 2015-04-22
BioOutsource Ltd.. (4/17/15). "Press Release: BioOutsource Ltd. Acquired by Sartorius Stedim Biotech. Takeover Expands SSB’s Service Portfolio". Glasgow. 2015-04-17
ChemAxon Kft.. (4/15/15). "Press Release: Optibrium and ChemAxon Announce Technology Collaboration. Interface between StarDrop and Plexus Facilitates Seamless Access to Both Software Platforms". Cambridge & Budapest. 2015-04-15
NanoTemper Technologies GmbH. (4/15/15). "Press Release: NanoTemper Technologies Inaugurates New Subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK and Krakow, Poland". 2015-04-15
Accovion GmbH. (4/13/15). "Press Release: Accovion Signs Agreement to Be Acquired by Clinipace Worldwide". Frankfurt & Eschborn. 2015-04-13
Genomics plc. (4/13/15). "Press Release: Eisai and Genomics plc to Collaborate in Analyses of Large-scale Genotype / Phenotype Data to Inform Drug Development". Hatfield & Oxford. 2015-04-13
Shimadzu Corporation. (4/9/15). "Press Release: Shimadzu Partners with Tokyo Electron on Stem Cell-Related Project. 95 Culture Media Components and Secreted Metabolites Analyzed in 17 Minutes". 2015-04-09
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