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Please find below news from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland as well as about organisations from these countries.

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GenoLogics. (1/19/09). "Press Release: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Selects GenoLogics Solution to Manage Next Generation Sequencing Data". Victoria, BC. 2009-01-19
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/15/09). "Press Release: Intertek Group Selects PerkinElmer as a Preferred Global Vendor for Instrumentation Technologies". Waltham, MA. 2009-01-15
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/15/09). "Press Release: PerkinElmer India Pvt. Ltd. Receives Frost & Sullivan 2008 Laboratory Analytical Instruments Market Growth Excellence Award for Operations in India". Waltham, MA. 2009-01-15
Genetix Group plc. (1/15/09). "Press Release: Trading Update for the Year Ended 31 December 2008". New Milton. 2009-01-15
Novartis AG. (1/15/09). "Press Release: US Department of Health and Human Services Awards Novartis USD 486 Million Contract to Build Manufacturing Facility for Pandemic Flu Vaccine". Basel. 2009-01-15
DxS Ltd.. (1/15/09). "Press Release: DxS Expands in US with Appointment of Jane Papdaki-Markley as Sales and Marketing Director for North America". 2009-01-15
Merck KGaA. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Merck KGaA and Apitope Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Peptide Therapeutics for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis". Darmstadt. 2009-01-13
InforSense Ltd.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Professor Yike Guo Becomes InforSense Chief Technology Officer". London & Cambridge, MA. 2009-01-13
Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Apitope and Merck Serono Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Peptide Therapeutics for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis". Bristol & Hasselt. 2009-01-13
Dynalab Corp.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Stuart Science Equipment Online Special. Save 10% on all Equipment Purchase below for Being over $250". 2009-01-13
Evogen Inc.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Evogen and LGS License High Sensitivity Novel HyBeacons® PCR Probe Technology". Kansas City, MO, White Marsh, MD & Bath. 2009-01-13
Definiens AG. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Definiens Forms Strategic Partnership with Tessella. Tessella and Definiens Partnership Delivers a Seamless Service for Large-scale Integration of Image Intelligence Technology into the Enterprise Infrastructure". 2009-01-13
Élan Corporation, plc. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Élan to Review Strategic Business Alternatives". Dublin, New York & San Francisco, CA. 2009-01-13
Illumina, Inc.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Enter into Broad Commercialization Agreement. Single-molecule DNA Sequencing System Promises Dramatic Improvement in Cost, Speed, Versatility, and Simplicity of Sequencing". San Dieg 2009-01-12
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: PerkinElmer and IDBS to Collaborate". 2009-01-12
Oxford BioMedica. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Oxford Biomedica Announce Dismissal of Bavarian Nordic’s Patent Infringement Claims". Oxford. 2009-01-12
Bavarian Nordic. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Bavarian Nordic’s Case against Oxford BioMedica". 2009-01-12
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Raises £13.9 Million (£11.8 Million Illumina, £2.1 Million Private Investment)". 2009-01-12
Sirius Genomics. (1/9/09). "Press Release: Sirius Genomics Announces new Collaboration with UK Critical Care Genomics Group". Vancouver. 2009-01-09
NuGen Technologies, Inc.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Almac Selects NuGEN Ovation® Systems to Broaden Gene Expression Services and to Use for Diagnostic Test Development". San Carlos, CA & Craigavon. 2009-01-08
Xenome Ltd.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Xenome Grants MedImmune License to xdiscover™ Venom Peptide Library". Brisbane. 2009-01-08
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (1/7/09). "Press Release: Horizon Forms Commercial Alliance with GeneWorks in Australia and New Zealand". 2009-01-07
Proteome Sciences plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: License Agreement in Lung Cancer and Trading Update". 2009-01-06
Protein Forest Inc.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Protein Forest Expands into Europe". Lexington, MA. 2009-01-06
GE Healthcare. (1/6/09). "Press Release: GE Healthcare Reinforces Vision of »in India, for India« – Launches first Affordable, true Digital Flat Panel Based X-ray System". 2009-01-06
AstraZeneca plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: MedImmune Submits Marketing Authorisation Application in European Union for Intranasal Vaccine to Prevent Seasonal Influenza". 2009-01-06
Osmetech plc. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Extended Warfarin Sensitivity Test Submitted for FDA Approval". 2009-01-06
Dotmatics Ltd.. (1/6/09). "Press Release: Dotmatics Has Licensed Its Product Suite to Prosidion". Bishop’s Stortford. 2009-01-06
DxS Ltd.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: DxS Extends EGFR License with Genzyme Genetics to Include US and Canada". 2009-01-05
Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Endo Pharmaceuticals to Acquire Indevus Pharmaceuticals. Acquisition Adds Marketed Products and Specialty Sales Force in Urology and Endocrinology, Novel Drug-Delivery Technology – Combined 2009-01-05
Galapagos N.V.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Galapagos Delivers Pre-clinical Candidate Drug in Alliance with GlaxoSmithKline and Receives €7.6 Million in Milestone Payments". Mechelen. 2009-01-05
Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: Indevus Pharmaceuticals Announces Definitive Merger Agreement with Endo Pharmaceuticals". Lexington, MA. 2009-01-05
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (1/5/2009). "Press Release: PerkinElmer and IDBS Announce Software Collaboration to Improve High Content Screening (HCS) Outcomes for Drug Discovery Research". San Francisco, CA. 2009-01-05
Scilabware Ltd.. (1/5/09). "Press Release: See us at Stand No. 445 at the »Arab Lab« Exhibition". 2009-01-05
BioFocus DPI. (1/5/09). "Press Release: BioFocus DPI Enhances High-content Screening Capabilities". 2009-01-05
Response Genetics, Inc.. (1/2/2009). "Press Release: Response Genetics Signs Amendment to Its Master Service Agreement with GlaxoSmithKline as Preferred Provider of Genetic Testing Services". Los Angeles, CA. 2009-01-02
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: ThermoBLAST". 2009-01-01
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: SNP and Indel Detection for Pyrosequencing Reads from the Genome Sequencer FLX System with NextGENe Software". 2009-01-01
BioGene Ltd.. (1/1/09). "Press Release: Paired Read Assembly of AB SOLiD™ System and Illumina® Genome Analyzer Data with NextGENe Software". 2009-01-01
Lab901 Ltd.. (1/09). "Press Release: Lab901 Ships 50th TapeStation Instrument for PCR Diagnostics to New Canadian Distributor, Inverness Medical". Edinburgh. 2009-01-01
Galapagos N.V.. (12/30/2008). "Press Release: Transparency Information". Mechelen. 2008-12-30
Ariadne Genomics, Inc.. (12/29/08). "Press Release: Ariadne Provides Pathway Studio Interoperability with Illumina’s New GenomeStudio Software". Rockville, MD. 2008-12-29
AstraZeneca plc. (12/24/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Receives FDA Complete Response Letter on Seroquel XR for Major Depressive Disorder". 2008-12-24
Galapagos N.V.. (12/22/2008). "Press Release: Galapagos and GlaxoSmithKline Expand Osteoarthritis Alliance". Mechelen. 2008-12-22
Source BioScience. (12/22/08). "Press Release: Court Approval Received for the Cancellation of Share Premium Account". 2008-12-22
BASF. (12/22/08). "Press Release: BASF Finalizes Acquisition of Sorex Pest Control Business". 2008-12-22
AstraZeneca plc. (12/19/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and MAP Pharmaceuticals Announce Worldwide Collaboration to Develop and Commercialise Unit Dose Budesonide". 2008-12-19
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (12/18/08). "Press Release: GSK Initiates Phase III Programme for novel Cardiovascular Medication, Darapladib". London. 2008-12-18
Galapagos N.V.. (12/18/2008). "Press Release: Galapagos Extends Drug Discovery Collaboration with Amgen into 2010". Mechelen. 2008-12-18
Crucell N.V.. (12/18/08). "Press Release: DSM Biologics and Crucell Announce PER.C6® License Agreement with GSK". Leiden & Parsippany. 2008-12-18
Dynavax Technologies Corporation. (12/17/08). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline and Dynavax Announce Worldwide Strategic Alliance. Developing First-in-Class Endosomal TLR Inhibitors for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases". London & Philadelphia, PA & Ber 2008-12-17
Tepnel Life Sciences plc. (12/17/08). "Press Release: Holding in Company". 2008-12-17
Tepnel Life Sciences plc. (12/17/08). "Press Release: Additional Listing and TVR". 2008-12-17
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (12/16/08). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics Announces a Signed Term Sheet for Patent Licenses with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.". Porton Down & San Francisco, CA. 2008-12-16
SpectralWorks Ltd.. (12/15/08). "Press Release: AnalyzerPro Version – the Need for Speed in GC-MS and LC-MS Data Analysis". 2008-12-15
Genomic Health, Inc.. (12/13/08). "Press Release: Genomic Health Announces Study Establishing the Utility of Oncotype DX® in Node-negative and Node-positive Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Aromatase Inhibitors". San Antonio, TX. 2008-12-13
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (12/12/08). "Press Release: »Green« Canal Water Helps Fuel 21st Century Business". London. 2008-12-12
Novartis AG. (12/11/08). "Press Release: New Data Show Zometa® Enhances Impact of Chemotherapy on Reducing Breast Tumor Size". Basel. 2008-12-11
Genzyme Corporation. (12/11/08). "Press Release: Progress by Genzyme, the Broad Institute and Medicine for Malaria Ventures toward Developing Drug Candidates for Malaria Highlighted at Tropical Medicine Meeting". 2008-12-11
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (12/11/08). "Press Release: Tyverb®/Tykerb® (lapatinib) plus Letrozole Significantly Delayed Disease Progression in Post-menopausal Women with ErbB2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer". 2008-12-11
AstraZeneca plc. (12/11/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Responds to FDA Joint Advisory Committees’ Recommendation on Symbicort". 2008-12-11
AstraZeneca plc. (12/11/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Returns Worldwide Rights to IPI-504 and IPI-493 Development Programs to Infinity Pharmaceuticals". 2008-12-11
Galapagos N.V.. (12/9/08). "Press Release: Galapagos and Dart Neuroscience LLC Sign Drug Discovery and Compound Management Agreements". Mechelen & San Diego, CA. 2008-12-09
DxS Ltd.. (12/9/08). "Press Release: DxS to Increase Research Capabilities with the Expansion of the Product Development Team". 2008-12-09
ImaGenes GmbH. (12/8/08). "Press Release: imaGenes Products now Linked from Transfac and other Biobase Databases". Berlin & Wolfenbüttel. 2008-12-08
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. (12/8/08). "Press Release: Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca Announce Expansion of Worldwide Collaboration to Develop and Commercialize Dapagliflozin in Japan". Princeton, NJ & London. 2008-12-08
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/8/08). "Press Release: Arzerra™ (ofatumumab) Demonstrates High Response Rates in Patients with Fludarabine Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)". 2008-12-08
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/8/08). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline Extends Tender Offer for Genelabs Technologies, Inc.". London & Philadelphia, PA. 2008-12-08
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/8/08). "Press Release: Two new Studies in the New England Journal of Medicine Show Malaria Vaccine Candidate Advancing in Africa". New Orleans. 2008-12-08
AstraZeneca plc. (12/8/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca and Targacept Announce Top-line Results Phase IIb Study of AZD3480 in Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia". 2008-12-08
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/6/08). "Press Release: GSK Reports Promacta®/Revolade® (eltrombopag) Significantly Increased Platelet Counts and Reduced Bleeding in Long-term Study of Patients with Chronic ITP". London. 2008-12-06
NextGen Group plc. (12/5/08). "Press Release: Divestment of Non Core Business". Ann Arbor, MI. 2008-12-05
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/5/08). "Press Release: GSK Analysis Shows Seretide/Advair Is a well Tolerated and Effective Medicine for Controlling Asthma". London. 2008-12-05
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/4/08). "Press Release: GlaxoSmithKline and The Carter Center Reaffirm Commitment to Global Public Health with Expansion of LF Program". London & Philadelphia, PA. 2008-12-04
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (12/4/08). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostic Announces ISO 9001:2000 Certification". Porton Down, UK. 2008-12-04
Grant Instruments. (12/4/08). "Press Release: Grant Instruments Unveils". Cambridge. 2008-12-04
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.. (12/3/08). "Press Release: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Announces Participation in €12m READNA Project. Consortium to Improve DNA Analysis Technologies Launches under EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)". Oxford. 2008-12-03
AstraZeneca plc. (12/3/08). "Press Release: PN 400 Phase III Studies Show Clinically Meaningful Benefit in Reducing Gastric Ulcers Compared to Enteric-coated Naproxen". 2008-12-03
GlaxoSmithKline. (12/3/08). "Press Release: GSK Announces Waiver of a Condition to the Tender Offer for Genelabs Technologies". 2008-12-03
Cellectricon AB. (12/3/08). "Press Release: Cellectricon Partners with The Automation Partnership – Bringing next Generation Ion Channel Screening System to Market". Gothenburg. 2008-12-03
Osborne Clarke. (12/3/08). "Pressemitteilung: Beratung von Labco bei Abschluss von Finanzierungsrunde". 2008-12-03
DxS Ltd.. (12/2/08). "Press Release: DxS and Amgen to Provide a K-RAS Companion Diagnostic for Vectibix® in the United States". 2008-12-02
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (12/2/08). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics Announces the Opening of a United States Office". Porton Down & San Francisco, CA. 2008-12-02
InforSense Ltd.. (12/2/08). "Press Release: InforSense Partners with the U.K.’s South London and Maudsly NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease". London & Cambridge, MA. 2008-12-02
GlaxoSmithKline plc. (12/2/08). "Press Release: GSK and Theravance Announce positive Phase 2b Results for LABA, ’444 in the Horizon Asthma Development Programme". London & South San Francisco, CA. 2008-12-02
Automation Partnership, The. (12/2/08). "Press Release: The Automation Partnership Presents at Cell Banking Conference". 2008-12-02
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (12/2/08). "Press Release: BlueGnome Announces CytoChip Oligo Solution for High-resolution Copy Number Analysis". Cambridge. 2008-12-02
Definiens AG. (12/2/08). "Press Release: Definiens and Bioscan Team Up for Cooperative Marketing Efforts. Companies to Offer Integrated Solutions for Intelligent Small Animal Imaging Analysis". Morristown, NJ & Munich. 2008-12-02
Oxford Genome Sciences. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Oxford Genome Sciences Changes its Name to Oxford BioTherapeutics". Oxford. 2008-12-01
Affymetrix, Inc.. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Researchers Use Affymetrix Technology to Discover Why Some Breast Cancer Patients Resist Tamoxifen". Santa Clara, CA. 2008-12-01
Dynalab Corp.. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Happy Holidays! Save 50% on our Amber Wide Mouth HDPE Lab Bottles. Plastic Amber Lab Bottles". 2008-12-01
Sanofi-Aventis. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Chris Viehbacher Takes up His Position as Chief Executive Office". Paris. 2008-12-01
Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Endo Announces Resignation of Board Member". Chadds Ford, PA. 2008-12-01
Domain Therapeutics S.A.. (12/1/08). "Press Release: Domain Therapeutics, a New Name in GPCR Drug Discovery". Strasbourg. 2008-12-01
AstraZeneca plc. (11/28/08). "Press Release: MedImmune Receives FDA Complete Response Letter on Motavizumab". 2008-11-28
NextGen Group plc. (11/27/08). "Press Release: Placing to Raise £639.000". 2008-11-27
Horizon Discovery Ltd.. (11/26/08). "Press Release: Horizon Secures Exclusive Patent Position on Award-winning GENESIS Platform". 2008-11-26
Geneart AG. (11/26/08). "Press Release: Geneart Receives Major Contract from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Awards a Major Contract on Synthesizing up to 600 Genes over the next 10 Month to Geneart". Regensburg. 2008-11-26
Cellzome Inc.. (11/25/08). "Press Release: Cellzome Awarded €3.85m Grant in Germany’s High-tech Initiative to Fund Top Regional Clusters. Innovative Kinobeads™ Technology to Be Expanded to New Areas of Drug Discovery and Optimized for Translational Medic 2008-11-25
AstraZeneca plc. (11/25/08). "Press Release: AstraZeneca Settles US Pulmicor Respules Patent Litigation with Teva". 2008-11-25
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