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Please find below persons from Ireland & the United Kingdom (GB) or related to organisations from these countries.

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Antoine, Lysta N. (Global Food Safety Partnership 201709 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP)
Balthrop, Patrick J. (Apalachee Ventures 201602 Founding Prinicpal before Luminex 200405–2014 CEO) Principal (venture capital) Apalachee Ventures
Bonislawski, Adam Editor / Publisher
Booth, Catherine (Genedrive/Epistem 201805) Board member, executive Genedrive plc (AIM: GDR)
Bottomley, Josh (LexisNexis 200802 Managing Director) Managing Director Reed Elsevier (Group)
Calikowski, Tomasz (EU 201403 Scientific Officer of European Commission) Administrative Officer (personnel)
Cassak, David (Innovation in Medtech LLC 2014 Managing Partner + Co-Founder before Informa IN VIVO) Managing Partner Innovation in Medtech LLC
Clemens, Ralf (CureVac 201603 SAB + Supervisory Board Member before GSK Biologicals + Novartis) scientific advisory board (SAB)
Coucke, Marc (Alychlo before Omega Pharma 1987– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alychlo (Marc Coucke)
Dalton, Barbara (Pfizer 201808 at Pfizer Ventures + Board Member of Artios Pharma) Investment Manager Pfizer (Group)
Dawson, Mike (Cantab Anti-Infectives + Novacta Biosystems before GSK) n. a.
Donahue, Joseph F. (Joe) (Thomson Reuters 201308 SVP of Life Sciences before InforSense + Lion Bioscience) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Thomson Reuters (Group)
Duggan, Mark (AstraZeneca 201307 VP Neuroscience iMed) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group)
Earl, Michael (Celtic Pharma 201301 + Pro Bono Bio 201209 COO) Partner (venture partner) Auven Therapeutics (Group)
Edick, Paul R. (3G Advisors 201603 Founding Partner) Company Founder
Ehle, Dirk (Bayer 201308 Global Head of Bayer HealthCare Animal Health Division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bayer (Group)
Feldman, Jesse (Battery Ventures 201809 General Partner) General Partner (venture partner) Battery Ventures
Fiorentino, Ed (TerSera Therapeutics 201602– CEO before 22y veteran at Abbott) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Greig, Russel G. (Sanifit 201509– Board Chairman before 30y at GSK most recently President of SR One) Board member Greig Biotechnology Global Consulting Inc.
Guedj, Jean-Yves (Sanesco 201005 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division General Electric (Group)
Gunn, George (Stonehaven Consulting 201701 CEO + Founder before CEO Novartis Animal Health + UK Agri Ministry) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Haas, Ken (Abingworth 201407– Partner joined Abingworth 2004 before IntelliGenetics + IntelliCorp) Partner (venture partner) Danbury
Hansen-Luke, Douglas (Future Planet Capital 201704 Executive Chairman) Board member, executive
Heron, Patrick (Frazier Healthcare Partners 201603 Managing General Partner) General Partner (venture partner) Frazier (Group)
Hong, Zhi (GSK 200712 SVP + Head GSK ID CEDD) n. a. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group)
Horder, Steven (Spectris 201801 VP Advanced Materials at Malvern Panalytical) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Spectris (Group)
Kranda, Michael L. (Vulcan Venture Capital 200309–200612 Managing Director before Oxford GlycoSciences 1996–2002 CEO) Managing Director Vulcan Venture Capital
Kuegler, Klaus (Eurofins 201801 SVP Agroscience Services Group) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Eurofins (Group)
Li, Ka-Shing (Horizon Ventures 201810) n. a. Horizons Ventures (Li Ka-shing)
Mather, Nicole (United Kingdom (govt) 2014–201711 Director of Office for Life Sciences LEFT 11/17) Cluster Manager United Kingdom (GB) (govt)
McLeod, Kristen (United Kingdom (govt) 201711– Director of Office for Life Sciences before Dept of Health) Cluster Manager United Kingdom (GB) (govt)
Metea, Monica (Cyprotex 201609– Director of US Operations before Smithers Viscient + Covance Labs + WIL Research Labs) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Evotec (Group)
Mortlock, Andrew (AstraZeneca 201604 VP Global Projects + Alliances at AstraZeneca Oncology iMed) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Nessi, Claudio (NeoMed Management 201309) Investment Manager NeoMed (Group)
Nohra, Guy P. (Alta Partners 201805 founder of Alta Life Sciences + Co-Founder of Alta Partners) Investment Manager Alta Partners
Oldfield, Steve (Teva 201506– General Manager UK +IE before Sanofi Managing Director UK+IE) General Manager (management) Teva (Group)
Oostdyk, Timothy S. (Eurofins 201606 Chairman Eurofins Lancaster Labs + Group SVP BioPharma Product Testing) n. a.
Oswald, Andrin (Novartis 200901 CEO Vaccines + Diagnostics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group)
Pambianchi, Wayne (Sage Group 201409) n. a. Sage Group (Group)
Parmar, Chetan (Intertek 201509 SVP Intertek Life Sciences) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Intertek (Group)
Parrett, William G. (Deloite Touche –2007 retired) n. a. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Group)
Pearse, Mark (LGC 201710 Managing Director of LGC Forensics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eurofins (Group)
Petterson, Ingeborg (Goucher College 201605 Postdoc Fellow) Researcher (university / research institute) Society of Applied Spectroscopy
Phippen, Peter (Immediate Media 201501 Director) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division
Poole, Mike (AstraZeneca 201307 VP of AstraZeneca Neuroscience Innovative Medicines Unit) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group)
Quinn, Belinda (United Kingom (govt) 201604– CEO of Precision Medicine Catapult before Chief Clinical Officer) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) United Kingdom (GB) (govt)
Rotival, Laurent (GE Healthcare IT 200805 General Manager) General Manager (management) General Electric (Group)
Scagnetti, Paul (Bruker 201504 President of Nano Surfaces division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker Corporation (Group)
Schindler, Marcus (AstraZeneca 201310 Head of Cardiovascular + Metabolic Diseases iMed) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group)
Sefton, Phillip (Qiagen 200805 VP Commercial Operations EMEAA) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Qiagen (Group)
Sehgal, Raman (Ramarketing & PR Ltd 2009– Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director
Stamatoyannopoulos, John A. (Altius Institute 201606– Head of Institute before Prof at Univ Washington) President/Director/Head of Research Organisation/Unit
Sullivan, Kevin (Principal Forensic Services 201510 Director before at UK Forensic Science Service) Consultant (economic/technology) Principal Forensic Services
Summerton, Linda (Immodulon Therapeutics 201702 CEO + TranScrip before Merck KGaA + AstraZeneca) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Testa, Bernard Professor
Tortonese, Marco (Bruker 201604 VP + General Manager AFM Instrumentation Business) General Manager (management) Bruker Corporation (Group)
Trost, Matthias (Univ Newcastle 201702 Professor at ICaMB) Professor University of Newcastle (Newcastle University)
Uhlén, Mathias (Royal Institute of Technology (SE) 201509 Professor of Microbiology) Professor
Wanchoo, Vishal (GE Healthcare 200509 CEO of GE Healthcare Information Technologies) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) General Electric (Group)
Wright, Doug (Aviva 201803 Medical Director at Aviva) n. a. Aviva (Group) [Insurance Group]
Zhang, Patrick (Horizons Ventures 201803) Investment Manager Horizons Ventures (Li Ka-shing)
Bloomfield, Mark (Polyplus-transfection 201004– CEO before ABI + Thermo Electron + Agilent + HP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Polyplus-transfection (Group) Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Freitag, Chris (Dynacure 201807– CMO before Debioparm + BTG plc + Shire + Roche) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dynacure S.A.S. Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Heckmann, Dieter (Daicel Chemical 201006 President Chiral Technologies Europe) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Daicel (Group) Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Larguier, Lucie (Mérieux 201704 Director CorpComm + IR at Transgene before Citigate Dewe Rogerson Paris) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Mérieux (Group) Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Neuville, Pascal (Domain Therapeutics 200812c– CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Domain Therapeutics (Group) Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Claus, Sandrine (LNC Therapeutics 201709– before University of Reading) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) LNC Therapeutics (FR) Aquitaine (region)
Lashbrook, David (Alicat Scientific 201011 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Halma (Group) Arizona (federal state)
Malcolm, Alastair (Applied Microarrays 200705 founder before GE Healthcare before Amersham before Motorola) Company Founder Applied Microarrays Inc. (AMI) Arizona (federal state)
Chiplin, John (Peptech 200601– CEO before Newstar Ventures before ITI Life Sciences before Geneformatics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arana Therapeutics (Group) Australia_ooo
Meutermans, Wim (Alchemia 201304 VP of Discovery) Research & Development Manager Alchemia Ltd. (ASX: ACL) Australia_ooo
Weston, Nick (Agenix 201308 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Agenix (Group) Australia_ooo
Federer, Werner (V&F 201103 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division V&F (Group) Austria_o
Bicker, Uwe (Univ Heidelberg 1983 Professor at Medical Facility + Board Member) Professor University of Heidelberg (Ruperto Carola) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Braspenning, Joris (Medicyte GmbH 201207 Managing Director (CEO + CSO)) Managing Director Medicyte GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Caruso, Anthony (febit 200705– VP Informatics before Lion) n. a. Hummingbird Diagnostics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
de la Huerta Martinez, Pilar (Sygnis Pharma 201303– CEO + CFO before Genetrix CEO before Zeltia) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Genetrix (ES) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Decker, Elke (GATC 200701 Senior Director Marketing) n. a. Eurofins (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Edwards, Tim (Cellzome 200507 CEO) Board member, non-executive GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Haberstroh, Klaus (ESE GmbH 200909 Managing Director) Managing Director Qiagen (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Hentze, Matthias (EMBL 201702 Director) n. a. EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Hoess, Adi (Affimed 201109– CEO before CCO before Jenowis + Jerini 2003– + Carl Zeiss AG + MorphoSys AG) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Affimed (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Koppenhöfer, Alrik (LSCN Ltd 201710 Managing Director) Managing Director LSCN Ltd. (Life Science Consulting Network) (DE) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Lewis, Joe D. (Elara Pharmaceuticals 200911 Manaing Director + co-founder) Managing Director Elara Pharmaceuticals GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Mathias, Frank (Rentschler 201604– CEO before Medigene + Amgen GmbH + Servier DE + Hoechst) Managing Director Rentschler (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Möller, Gerald (HBM Bio Ventures 201007 Advisor former Roche + Boehringer Mannheim CEO 1995–1997) Board member, non-executive HBM (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Plum, Achim (Curetis 201505– CCO before Siemens + Epigenomics 200812 SVP Corporate Development) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Curetis (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pohl, Peter (GATC Biotech AG 200611 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eurofins (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Reinhardt, Carsten (Immatics 200910– CMO before Micromet 200506– CMO before Roche) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Immatics (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Ridder, Ruediger (mtm laboratories –200707– CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Roche (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Roth, David (Genetrix (ES) 201703– CFO at Sygnis AG before KPMG + Deloitte + Arthur Andersen in the UK) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Genetrix (ES) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schenke-Layland, Katja (Univ Tübingen 201805 Prof + Managing Director of NMI) Managing Director University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Scherer, Dieter (Novaliq GmbH 200904– CBO before Apis Pharma + SKyePharma CH + LTS Lohmann) Chief Business Officer (CBO) HOPP Group (family of Dietmar Hopp) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmidt, Kristina (Lipid Therapeutics GmbH 201205– COO before Graffinity 200601–201204 CEO + Founder) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lipid Therapeutics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Thiel, Thorsten (Bruker 201204 Director Marketing Communications) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Tidona, Christian (BioRN Cluster Management GmbH 201109 Managing Director) Cluster Manager BioRN Network e. V. Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Vazirani, Suresh (Erba Diagnostics Mannheim 201509 Managing Director) Managing Director Erba Diagnostics Mannheim (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Wirth, Thomas (LSCN Ltd 201710 Managing Director) Managing Director LSCN Ltd. (Life Science Consulting Network) (DE) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Almasi, Barna (Imaging Service AG 200906 CTO) Chief Technology/Technical Officer (CTO) Imaging Service AG Bayern (federal state)
Arechiga, Adrian (AstraZeneca 201809 Media Contact at Definiens AG) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager AstraZeneca (Group) Bayern (federal state)
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