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Please find below persons from Ireland & the United Kingdom (GB) or related to organisations from these countries.

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Berman, David (AstraZeneca 201508 SVP + Head Oncology Innovative Medicines unit at MedImmue) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group) Maryland (federal state)
Bernard, Ed (Serotec 1982–) Company Founder Bio-Rad (Group) South East England (region)
Bernard, Thierry (Qiagen 201502– SVP Molecular Dx business area before bioMérieux Corp VP Commcercial Operations) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Qiagen (Group) Limburg (province, NL)
Berninger, Harald (Kreatech 200709– Sales + Marketing Director before Qiagen since 1993) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Danaher (Group) North Holland (province, NL)
Bernstein, Karen (BioCentury 201602 Chairman + Founder) Board member BioCentury Publications Inc. California (federal state)
Berrebi, Sylvie (Huntsworth 201506 at Citigate Dewe Rogerson) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Huntsworth (Group) Greater London (region)
Berriman, John (Abingworth) n. a. Abingworth (Group) Greater London (region)
Berry, Brian (Nikko Principal Investments 200603 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nikko Cordial (Group) Greater London (region)
Berthiaume, Douglas (Doug) (Waters 201509– Board Chairman before CEO) Board member, non-executive Waters (Group) Massachusetts (federal state)
Berthoux, Christophe (Synexus 201303 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Synexus (Group) North West England (region)
Bertolero, Federico (Lombardia (govt) 201604 Business Development Manager at NMS) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Lombardia (govt region) (Lombardy) Italy_o
Bertrand, Claude (Ipsen 200910– CSO before AstraZeneca SVP RnD before Pfizer + Roche + Ciba-Geigy) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Ipsen (Group) Île-de-France (region)
Bertrand, William (Bill), Jr. (Adaptimmune 201703– COO before MedImmne + Infinity Pharmaceuticals + Salix) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Adaptimmune (Group) South East England (region)
Berzsenyi, Agnes (General Electric 200912 General Manager GE Healthcare Home Health business) General Manager (management) General Electric (Group) South East England (region)
Best, Simon (Edinburgh BioQuarter 201110 Chairman) Board member (all kinds of boards: supervisory, advisory, management etc.) Edinburgh BioQuarter Scotland
Best, Stuart (Xceleron 201106– Senior Director Operations before Merck Scotland Head of Bioanalysis before Inveresk) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Xceleron (Group) Yorkshire and the Humber (region)
Betzelos, Pete (Fluidigm 201605 SVP Global Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Fluidigm (Group) California (federal state)
Beyenburg, Rudolf (GE Healthcare Europe 200901) n. a. General Electric (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Beynon, Robert (Rob) (Univ Liverpool 201402 Prof Dept of Integrative Biology + Head Mass Spec Facilty) Professor University of Liverpool North West England (region)
Bhaman, Maina (Imperial Innovations 201411 Director of Healthcare Ventures) Investment Manager Touchstone Innovations (Group) Greater London (region)
Bhatnagar, Vivek (Peak Scientific 201508 General Manager India) Regional manager Peak Scientific (Group) Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi)
Bhatta, Devaki (Stratophase 201110 Head of Biotection) Technical Manager Stratophase Ltd. South East England (region)
Bicker, Uwe (Univ Heidelberg 1983 Professor at Medical Facility + Board Member) Professor University of Heidelberg (Ruperto Carola) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Biddell, Chris (Vivascience 200008 founder + co-partner) Company Founder Sartorius (Group) East Midlands (region)
Bigham, Michael F. (Abingworth 200611 Partner) n. a. Abingworth (Group) Greater London (region)
Bigois, Mathieu (Ponthieu Partners 201702 Founder + European Venture Partner of ABG) Partner (venture partner) Ponthieu Partners (FR) Central Switzerland (region)
Bingham, Kate (SV Life Sciences 201512 Managing Partner) Managing Partner (investment firm) SV Life Sciences (SVLS) (Group) Greater London (region)
Biniszkiewicz, Detlev (AstraZeneca 201308 VP Oncology iMed Strategy) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager AstraZeneca (Group) United Kingdom (state/region unspecified)
Binnig, Gerd (Definiens 201210 CTO + Co-founder + Nobel Laureate) Chief Technology/Technical Officer (CTO) AstraZeneca (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Binns, Philip (Agilent 201303 VP Spectroscopy Products) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Agilent (Group) California (federal state)
Biondi, Fabio (Diatech 201304 President of Diatech Pharmacogenetics Srl) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Diatech (Group) Marche
Birner, Hubert (TVM 200502–200809–) General Partner (venture partner) TVM (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Birney, Evan (European Bioinformatics Institute 200808) n. a. EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) East of England (region)
Bisaro, Paul M. (Watson Pharmaceuticals 201204 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Allergan (Group) New Jersey (federal state)
Bishop, Hans E. (Juno Therapeutics 201601 CEO + Co-Founder before Dendreon + Bayer + GW + SKB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Juno Therapeutics (Group) Washington (federal state)
Bitterman, Kevin (Polaris Partners 201606 Partner) Partner (venture partner) Polaris Partners (Polaris Ventures) Massachusetts (federal state)
Bjerke, Torbjörn (Karolinska Institutet 201306 CEO of Karolinska Development before Orexo CEO before Biolipox CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Karolinska Development AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV) Stockholm (region)
Björk, Elisabeth (AstraZeneca 201607 VP Head of Cardiovascular + Metabolic Disease, Global Medicines Development) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division AstraZeneca (Group) Greater London (region)
Björk, Erik (Medivir 201801– CFO before AstraZeneca AB + Procter & Gamble) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Medivir (Group) Stockholm (region)
Björklund, Håkan (Lundbeck 201310 Board Chairman before Nycomed 1999–2011 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Takeda (Group) Zürich (region)
Blackburn, Kevin (Somagen 200809 President) n. a. Diploma (Group) Canada_o
Blackburn, Nigel (Cancer Research UK 201708 Director of Drug Development) Researcher (university / research institute) Cancer Research UK (CRUK) (Group) United Kingdom (state/region unspecified)
Blackwell, Chris (Vectura 200504 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vectura (Group) United Kingdom (state/region unspecified)
Blackwood, Anne (United Kingdom (govt) 201607 CEO at HEE) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) United Kingdom (GB) (govt) East of England (region)
Blackwood, Liz (GE Healthcare 200711– Senior VP) n. a. General Electric (Group) South East England (region)
Blain, David (Reinnervate 200709– CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ReproCell (Group) North East England (region)
Blair, Rainer M. (Danaher 201701 EVP Life Sciences before Head Life Sciences + AB Sciex + Videojet + MAPEI + BASF) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Danaher (Group) Maryland (federal state)
Blake, Paul (Oxford BioMedica 201409–201608 Chief Development Officer before non-executive Director LEFT 9/16) Board member, executive Oxford BioMedica (Group) South East England (region)
Blanc, L. Miguel (EraGen 200709–VP Corp Developm before GE Healthcare BusDev before Amersham Bio) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Luminex (Group) Wisconsin (federal state)
Blanchier-Franklin, Sylvie (Orchard Therapeutics 201708) n. a. Orchard Therapeutics (Group) Greater London (region)
Blaszko, Shannon (Oxford Science Park 201105 Manager) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division University of Oxford South East England (region)
Blaukat, Andree (Merck (DE) 201312 Head Translational Innovation Platform Oncology at Merck Serono) Research & Development Manager Merck (DE) (Group) Hessen (federal state)
Blirt, Jonathan (FTI Consulting 201203) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager FTI Consulting (Group) Greater London (region)
Bloom, Kenneth (General Electric 201402 CMO of Clarient Diagnostics Services Inc) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) General Electric (Group) California (federal state)
Bloomfield, Mark (Polyplus-transfection 201004– CEO before ABI + Thermo Electron + Agilent + HP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Polyplus-transfection (Group) Alsace (Elsass) (region)
Blow, Nathan (Nature Publishing 200808 Technology Editor Nature + Nature Methods) Editor / Publisher Macmillan (Group) Greater London (region)
Bloxham, David P. (Evolutec 200503 Chairman) Board member Evolutec (Group) United Kingdom (state/region unspecified)
Blum, Allison (LifeSci Public Relations 201712) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager LifeSci (Group) New York (federal state)
Blundy, Keith (Storm Therapeutics 201702– CEO before 10y CEO of Cancer Research Technology) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Storm Therapeutics Ltd. East of England (region)
Bobanovic, Fedja (Danaher 201204– VP EMEA Sales + Support before PerkinElmer India 200901 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division PerkinElmer (Group) Maharashtra
Bodicoat, Robin (Quotient 201711 Marketing Director at Quotient Sciences) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Quotient (Group) East Midlands (region)
Bodson, Bertrand (Novartis 201801– Chief Digital Officer before Sainsbury’s Argos + EMI + Amazon + Boston Consulting) Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Chief Digital Officer Novartis (Group) Northwestern Switzerland (region)
Bogard, Philippe (Nonlinear 200503 Strategic Marketing Manager before GE Healthcare) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Waters (Group) North East England (region)
Bohen, Sean (AstraZeneca 201509– EVP Global Medicines Developent + CMO before Genentech + Stanford Univ) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) AstraZeneca (Group) Greater London (region)
Bohlin, Garen (Sirtris 2006– COO before Syntonix CEO 1998–2006) Chief Operating Officer (COO) GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) Massachusetts (federal state)
Boissel, Stéphane (TxCell 201504– CEO before Genclis + Transgene + Innate Pharma + Lazard) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) TxCell S.A. (Euronext Paris: TXCL) Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (region)
Bols, Patrick (PR Pharma 200804 President) n. a. PR Pharmaceuticals (PRP) Colorado (federal state)
Bolzon, Bradley (Versant Ventures 200701 Managing Director) Managing Director Versant Ventures California (federal state)
Bond, Damian (ProKyma 201212 CEO + CellCap 201212 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ProKyma Technologies Ltd. North West England (region)
Bond, John (Univ Leicester 201211 Lecturer Dept of Chemistry) Researcher (university / research institute) University of Leicester East Midlands (region)
Bones, Jonathan (NIBRT 201606 at Characterisation + Compatibility Lab) Researcher (university / research institute) NIBRT (National Institute for Bioprocessing, Research and Training) (IRL) Ireland (cl4)
Bonislawski, Adam Editor / Publisher
Bonneil, Èric (Univ Montreal 201008 IRIC Proteomics Core Facility) Head Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (university / research institute) University of Montreal (Université de Montréal, UdeM) Québec
Bonny, Christophe (Enterome 201609– CSO before Bicycle Therapeutics + Xigen + Univ Hospital Lausanne) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Enterome S.A. Île-de-France (region)
Boone, Tom (Oxford BioTherapeutics 201109c– SVP Protein Sciences before Amgen 28y) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd. (OBT) South East England (region)
Booth, Mike (Algeta 201110– SVP Communications + Corporate Affairs before Head of Trout International before UBS London) public relations / investor relations Bayer (Group) Østlandet (Eastern Norway) (region)
Booton-Mander, Nicola (Quotient Bioscience 201007 Group MarCom Manager before OGT 200609 Marketing Manager) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Sysmex (Group) South East England (region)
Borellini, Flavia (AstraZeneca 201708 CEO of Acerta Pharma) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) AstraZeneca (Group) North Brabant (province, NL)
Borg, Jan (Premacure 201303 CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shire (Group) Uppsala (region)
Boruta, Michael (ACD/Labs 201309 Industry Solutions Manager) n. a. Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) (Group) Ontario
Borysiewicz, Leszek (MRC –200801– Chief Executive) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) United Kingdom (GB) (govt) Greater London (region)
Bossert, Michael (Enamine Ltd 201201 Business Development Director) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Enamine Ltd. (UA) Ukraine_o
Bottomley, Josh (LexisNexis 200802 Managing Director) Managing Director Reed Elsevier (Group)
Boucher, Oliver (Bioxodes 201311 Executive Director before CBO at Vivacta + Sigmoid Pharma + Trigen) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Bioxodes S.A. Wallonia (region)
Bouchon, Axel (Bayer 201512 Head of BLSC) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bayer (Group) Nordrhein-Westfalen (federal state)
Boudreau, Mathieu (Pharmascience Inc 201305 Director Bus Dev + Strategic Planning) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Pharmascience Inc. Québec
Boujnah, Stéphane (Euronext 201711 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Euronext (Group) North Holland (province, NL)
Boulnois, Graham (SV Life Sciences 201105 Senior Partner) Partner (venture partner) SV Life Sciences (SVLS) (Group) Greater London (region)
Boulton, Simon (London Research Institute 200811) n. a. Cancer Research UK Greater London (region)
Bousbib, Ari (IMS Health 201605 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Iqvia (Group) Connecticut (federal state)
Bowen, Wayne (TTP Labtech 201301 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) TTP Group (Group) East of England (region)
Bowman, Mark (Cardiff Medicentre 201112 Director of Innovation) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Cardiff University Wales
Bowser, Denise (IPCA Laboratories 201407 Commercial Director at Onyx Scientific Ltd) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Ipca Laboratories (Group) North East England (region)
Boxall, Michelle (Image Box 201604 Managing Director) Managing Director Image Box Ltd. (Image Box PR) South East England (region)
Boyce, Sarah (Ionis Pharmaceuticals 201708 CBO) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Ionis Pharmaceuticals (Group) California (federal state)
Boyle, Billy (Owlstone 201606 CEO + Co-Founder of Owlstone Medical Ltd) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Owlstone (Group) East of England (region)
Boyle, Robert (Sentinel Oncology 201605 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sentinel Oncology Ltd. East of England (region)
Bradley, Allan (Wellcome Trust 200011– Professor Sanger Institute before Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Professor Wellcome Trust, The United Kingdom (state/region unspecified)
Bradley, Edward (AstraZeneca 201501 SVP RnD + Head of MedImmune Oncology Initative Medicines Unit) Research & Development Manager AstraZeneca (Group) Maryland (federal state)
Bradley, Samantha (Digital Chemistry 200511– Sales + Marketing Manager before Lhasa Ltd) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Digital Chemistry (Group) Yorkshire and the Humber (region)
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