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Please find below all kinds of products and services related to organisations from South West of England, South East of England and Greater London i.e., the “product portfolio” of these regions.

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BReD real-time lateral flow test (for blackgrass resistance at cereals) food test Mologic Ltd. 2018-06-13
Tempus ALS telemedicine enabled monitor with defibrillator healthcare informatics_o Philips (Group) 2018-06-13
PERiPLEX PoC test (for the detection of infection in patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD)) diagnostic test, rapid (point-of-care) Mologic Ltd. 2018-05-01
INDiGO® drug development service drug development services Evotec (Group) 2018-03-26
ROP technology (recombinant overlapping peptides) drug discovery technology_o Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd. (OVM) 2018-03-06
Beer Freshness solution (Bruker / FlavorActiv) food analysis (food testing)_o Bruker Corporation (Group) 2018-02-26
Baremsis (APD421) neuroleptic Acacia Pharma (Group) 2018-02-05
CustoMem Granular Media (CGM) industrial biotechnology_o CustoMem Ltd. 2018-02-05
Lupuzor™ immuno modulatory compound (IMO)_o Teva (Group) 2018-01-27
Brilinta® cardiovascular drug_o AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-12-31
Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System cell analysis technology Sphere Fluidics (Group) 2017-11-27
OPTi-OX cell reprogramming platform (optimised, inducible over-expression) cell research product Elpis BioMed Ltd. 2017-11-16
AZD7970 (mRNA therapeutic encoding for Relaxin) RNA-based therapeutic AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-11-01
Universal Lateral Flow Assay-Kit (LFA-Kit) (Innova Biosciences) diagnostic test, rapid (point-of-care) Genetrix (ES) (Group) 2017-10-24
CombiCult® technology stem cell technology Plasticell Ltd. 2017-10-17
DeskGen Series CRISPR Libraries genomic library (production) Desktop Genetics Ltd. (DGT) 2017-10-17
OncoMatic NGS validation and QC solution genomic software tools Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-09-26
OncoSpan DNA Multiplex Reference Standard reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-09-26
AUTO2 CAR T-cell product cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Autolus Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: AUTL) 2017-09-18
AUTO3 CAR T-cell product (autologous) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Autolus Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: AUTL) 2017-09-18
Kymriah™ cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Novartis (Group) 2017-08-30
OTL-101 (Orchard Therapeutics) gene therapy_o Orchard Therapeutics (Group) 2017-08-22
Antha language and software platform for biology software tools (bioinformatics)_o Synthace Ltd. 2017-08-11
Trisoma® antibody development platform antibody technology Biotecnol (Group) 2017-08-10
GS Knockout CHO-K1 cell line Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-08-01
Medicxi Growth 1 fund (MG1) fund, human health Medicxi Ventures (formerly Index Ventures Life Sciences) 2017-06-15
Colibra™ antibody library technology antibody technology Isogenica Ltd. 2017-05-23
Helitron-based transposon technology for gene editing genomic technology Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-05-22
ColoPredict colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
ColoProg colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
ColoTox colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
Truxima® (biosimilar rituximab) MAb Purdue Pharma (Group) 2017-02-24
HDx™ cfDNA Reference Standard in Synthetic Plasma (product series) reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-02-20
HDx™ Multiplex I cfDNA Reference Standard Set in Synthetic Plasma reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-02-20
PolyPEPI™ Immunotherapy Cancer Vaccine for colorectal cancer cancer vaccine Treos Bio (Group) 2017-02-13
llamdA™ VHH single-domain antibody library antibody technology Isogenica Ltd. 2017-02-06
ESM™ technology (Esterase Sensitive Motif technology) drug delivery technology_o Macrophage Pharma Ltd. (MPL) 2017-01-09
Calquence® BTK inhibitor AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-01-01
Phloral® drug delivery technology oral drug delivery technology Intract Pharma Ltd. 2017-01-01
BT1718 (Bicycle Therapeutics) cancer drug_o Bicycle Therapeutics (Group) 2016-11-28
Humabody® Drug Conjugates (HDCs) therapeutic antibody Crescendo Biologics Ltd. 2016-10-10
Humabody® technology antibody technology Crescendo Biologics Ltd. 2016-10-10
ReCIVA™ Breathalyzer diagnostic device, clinical Owlstone (Group) 2016-10-04
Flavor Stability Packace (Flavor Stability e-scan Beer-Analyzer EPR instrument + methods) analytical instrument_other Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-08-15
Qtern antidiabetic_o AstraZeneca (Group) 2016-07-19
Zavicefta antibiotic AstraZeneca (Group) 2016-06-28
HD-BIOP3 GS Null CHO cell line Horizon Discovery (Group) 2016-06-07
PEPI™ Test computational technology bioinformatics_oo Treos Bio (Group) 2016-06-02
Bevespi Aerosphere™ asthma drugs AstraZeneca (Group) 2016-04-25
CyDisCo™ protein production technology (Cytoplasmic Disulphide bond formation in E. coli) protein expression technology BioSilta (Group) 2016-04-06
EnPresso-CyDisCo expression system protein expression technology BioSilta (Group) 2016-04-06
Breath Biopsy® platform diagnostic device, clinical Owlstone (Group) 2016-02-18
Breathalyzer diagnostic device, clinical Owlstone (Group) 2016-02-18
Genomics Operating System (Genestack) genomic software tools Genestack Ltd. 2016-02-15
Medicxi Ventures 1 fund (MV1 fund) fund, human health Medicxi Ventures (formerly Index Ventures Life Sciences) 2016-02-02
Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Fund (ACCF) fund, human health Abingworth (Group) 2016-01-21
Dominant TCR platform technology T cell therapy Cell Medica (Group) 2016-01-01
Tempus Pro telemedicine enabled monitor healthcare informatics_o Philips (Group) 2016-01-01
DeskGen genome editing software platform genomic software tools Desktop Genetics Ltd. (DGT) 2015-12-09
Seligo technology synthetic biotechnology_o Apta Biosciences (Group) 2015-11-04
GHO Capital Fund I LP fund, human health_o GHO Capital (Group) 2015-10-25
Heat Elution technology nucleic acid purification (technology) Roche (Group) 2015-08-24
Mcm5-ELISA test (UroSens / Arquer Diagnostics) clinical proteomic test 2015-07-20
JuLI™ FL live cell imager and counter cell analysis technology Eikonix (GB) 2015-06-25
Nemesis Symbiotics® antibiotic Nemesis Bioscience Ltd. 2015-06-15
Siteseeker® drug target discovery technology drug target (research) PhoreMost Ltd. 2015-04-07
TAm-Seq™ technology platform DNA sequencing Inivata Ltd. 2015-03-11
UroSens Mcm5-ELISA diagnostic test clinical proteomic test UroSens Ltd. 2015-01-07
Lynparza® PARP enyzme inhibitor AstraZeneca (Group) 2014-12-18
MEN 1309 (Menarini / OBT) therapeutic antibody Menarini Biotech S.r.l. 2014-11-25
hVIVO technology platform drug discovery technology_o Retroscreen Virology (Group) 2014-11-13
Duaklir® bronchospasmolytics & asthma drugs_o AstraZeneca (Group) 2014-11-01
Advent Life Sciences Fund II (ALSF II) fund, human health Advent Venture Partners (Advent Ltd.) 2014-10-28
PSD502™ (Plethora/Recordati) urological drug_o Recordati (Group) 2014-09-16
eaglecore software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Eagle Genomics Ltd. 2014-09-03
Keytruda® PD-1 inhibitor Merck (US) (MSD) (Group) 2014-09-01
ProtoDiscovery™ computational drug discovery platform drug discovery software Evolva (Group) 2014-08-04
ambr® 250 automated bioreactor system bioreactor Sartorius (Group) 2014-06-24
Genalysis® molecular diagnostics platform molecular diagnostics DNA Electronics (DNAe) (Group) 2014-06-10
OptiDIFF stem cell production platform stem cell technology DefiniGen Ltd. 2014-06-02
Sapientia™ clinical genomics analytics platform genomic software tools Congenica (Group) 2014-05-02
Rapid Extraction System (RES, CambTEK) sample preparation (technology)_o Cambridge Scientific Innovations (Group) 2014-03-09
Abingworth Bioventures VI (ABV VI) fund, human health Abingworth (Group) 2014-02-28
SATIN technology (Selective Antibiotic Target IdentifactioN technology) drug discovery technology_o Discuva Ltd. 2014-02-28
Myalept® pharmaceutical_oo AstraZeneca (Group) 2014-02-24
Haploid Gene Trap Mutant Collection (haploid cell line bank) cell bank_o Horizon Discovery (Group) 2014-02-12
Farxiga® sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor AstraZeneca (Group) 2014-01-08
Telos MicroPlate™ (96-well SPE format) 96 well plate (96-well plate) Cole-Parmer (Group) 2014-01-08
Crescendo Mouse transgenic animal Crescendo Biologics Ltd. 2013-12-17
Alphaject™ technology (alphagal coating of tumours) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) BioLineRx (Group) 2013-11-26
Xigduo™ antidiabetic_o AstraZeneca (Group) 2013-11-22
ElasticAP SaaS platform genomic software tools Eagle Genomics Ltd. 2013-11-21
Trii (DTG/ABC/3TC) virostatic agent GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) 2013-10-25
ROCA® ovarian cancer screening test (Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm) clinical test_other Abcodia Ltd. 2013-09-18
AutoClone™ DNA Search Engine genomic software tools Desktop Genetics Ltd. (DGT) 2013-08-27
Tivicay® virostatic agent GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) 2013-08-01
Cytovir™ ADV T cell therapy Cell Medica (Group) 2013-07-26
Cytovir™ CMV T cell therapy Cell Medica (Group) 2013-07-26
Cytovir™ EBV T cell therapy Cell Medica (Group) 2013-07-26
AD-VCM (Airways Disease Viral Exacerbation Challenge Model) Retroscreen Virology (Group) 2013-07-09
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