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Please find below all kinds of products and services related to organisations from United Kingdom (GB) i.e., the “product portfolio” of this region.

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CellOptiq® High Content Assay (HCA) assay, research Clyde Biosciences (Group) 2018-09-27
Cyto-Mine® Studio Software Suite cell analysis software tools (high-content analysis software tools) Sphere Fluidics (Group) 2018-09-17
Edit-R™ crRNA libraries genomic library (database/availability) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2018-09-14
Alchemite™ technology (AI) artificial intelligence_o Intellegens Ltd. 2018-09-11
Arestat™ formulation technology platform drug delivery technology_o Arecor Ltd. 2018-09-10
Aurase® wound cleaning product wound care product, biological_o SolasCure Ltd. 2018-08-22
BB2603 (terbinafine-nano) (Blueberry Therapeutics) antimycotic Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd. 2018-08-14
MassChemSite software mass spectrometry software (MS software) Molecular Discovery Ltd. 2018-08-04
SASPject™ platform (Small Acid-Soluble Pore proteins) drug development technology Phico Therapeutics Ltd. 2018-08-01
HealNet AI platform drug development software Healx Ltd. 2018-07-26
Genius SQ 24 nitrogen generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2018-07-25
Human iPSC-derived Atrial Cardiomyocytes (Axol Bioscience) assay, research Axol Bioscience Ltd. 2018-07-17
Qarziba® antibody cancer drug Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Group) 2018-07-17
Discuva drug discovery platform drug screening (HTS) Summit (Group) 2018-07-10
Wellcome Leap Fund fund, human health Wellcome Trust, The 2018-07-10
Abingworth Bioventures VII (ABV VII) fund, human health Abingworth (Group) 2018-07-09
OncoScreen service (microfluidic 3D culture screening platform) drug screening (HTS) AMSBIO (AMS Biotechnology) (Group) 2018-07-06
Friendly™ Aedes Mosquito strain mosquito technology Intrexon (Group) 2018-06-19
Friendly™ Anopheles Mosquito strain mosquito technology Intrexon (Group) 2018-06-19
BReD real-time lateral flow test (for blackgrass resistance at cereals) food test Mologic Ltd. 2018-06-13
Tempus ALS telemedicine enabled monitor with defibrillator healthcare informatics_o Philips (Group) 2018-06-13
Genius XE 35 nitrogen generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2018-06-01
Genius XE 70 nitrogen generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2018-06-01
Chirascan™ circular dichroism (CD) system analytical instrument_other Applied Photophysics Ltd. 2018-05-15
SX stopped-flow spectrometer spectrophotometer Applied Photophysics Ltd. 2018-05-15
e-CTA software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Brainomix Ltd. 2018-05-11
H-Guard™ product anti-inflammatory drug_o Invizius Ltd. 2018-05-02
PERiPLEX PoC test (for the detection of infection in patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD)) diagnostic test, rapid (point-of-care) Mologic Ltd. 2018-05-01
PhysioMimix® Organs-on-Chips system organ-on-a-chip product_o CN Innovations (Group) 2018-05-01
4500 MiD® desktop MS system quadrupole mass spectrometer Microsaic Systems plc (AIM: MSYS) 2018-04-10
Centri® automated multi-mode sampling and concentration platform for GC–MS automated sample preparation technology_o Schauenburg (Group) 2018-04-09
e-ASPECTS software (automating Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) method) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Brainomix Ltd. 2018-04-03
Solaris XE Nitrogen Generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2018-04-02
INDiGO® drug development service drug development services Evotec (Group) 2018-03-26
Flongle single-test sequencing system DNA sequencing Oxford Nanopore (Group) 2018-03-20
SmidgION smartphone sequencer DNA sequencing Oxford Nanopore (Group) 2018-03-20
MetXtra metagenomic library genomic library (database/availability) BRAIN (Group) 2018-03-17
ROP technology (recombinant overlapping peptides) drug discovery technology_o Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd. (OVM) 2018-03-06
Beer Freshness solution (Bruker / FlavorActiv) food analysis (food testing)_o Bruker Corporation (Group) 2018-02-26
Quasi Vivo® System cell culture system Lonza Group (Group) 2018-02-12
JEM-Z300 FSC CRYO ARM™ 300 transmission electron microscope electron microscope JEOL (Group) 2018-02-08
Baremsis (APD421) neuroleptic Acacia Pharma (Group) 2018-02-05
CustoMem Granular Media (CGM) industrial biotechnology_o CustoMem Ltd. 2018-02-05
Lupuzor™ immuno modulatory compound (IMO)_o Teva (Group) 2018-01-27
IXRS® 3 Interactive Response Technology (IRT) clinical software tools Almac (Group) 2018-01-23
PromPT® s/w toolkit for promoter design and selection genomic software tools Synpromics (Group) 2018-01-17
Diamond-SGC-iNEXT (DSI) Poised Library chemical compound library (availability) Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) (Oxford Univ + Univ of Toronto) 2018-01-10
Brilinta® cardiovascular drug_o AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-12-31
MutaMap™ high-througput proteomic assay service proteomic services ProImmune (Group) 2017-12-12
ImmuniCAR® platform Chimeric Antigen Receptor technology (CAR technology) TC BioPharm Ltd. (TCB) 2017-12-07
Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System cell analysis technology Sphere Fluidics (Group) 2017-11-27
OPTi-OX cell reprogramming platform (optimised, inducible over-expression) cell research product Elpis BioMed Ltd. 2017-11-16
AZD7970 (mRNA therapeutic encoding for Relaxin) RNA-based therapeutic AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-11-01
Sorbifer® anti-anemic drug_o Servier (Group) 2017-11-01
IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud LIMS (laboratory information management system) Danaher (Group) 2017-10-30
Universal Lateral Flow Assay-Kit (LFA-Kit) (Innova Biosciences) diagnostic test, rapid (point-of-care) Genetrix (ES) (Group) 2017-10-24
CombiCult® technology stem cell technology Plasticell Ltd. 2017-10-17
DeskGen Series CRISPR Libraries genomic library (production) Desktop Genetics Ltd. (DGT) 2017-10-17
Shingrix™ (herpes zoster vaccine) vaccine_o GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) 2017-10-13
OncoMatic NGS validation and QC solution genomic software tools Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-09-26
OncoSpan DNA Multiplex Reference Standard reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-09-26
AUTO2 CAR T-cell product cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Autolus Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: AUTL) 2017-09-18
AUTO3 CAR T-cell product (autologous) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Autolus Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: AUTL) 2017-09-18
Kymriah® cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Novartis (Group) 2017-08-30
OTL-101 (Orchard Therapeutics) gene therapy_o Orchard Therapeutics (Group) 2017-08-22
Antha language and software platform for biology software tools (bioinformatics)_o Synthace Ltd. 2017-08-11
Trisoma® antibody development platform antibody technology Biotecnol (Group) 2017-08-10
GS Knockout CHO-K1 cell line Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-08-01
SpeedCore C18-PFP core-shell column liquid chromatography (LC) Fortis Technologies Ltd. 2017-06-30
Medicxi Growth 1 fund (MG1) fund, human health Medicxi Ventures (formerly Index Ventures Life Sciences) 2017-06-15
NURTuRE biobank biobank National Unified Renal Translational Research Enterprise (GB, NURTuRE consortium) 2017-06-14
UK Renal Registry clinical research Kidney Research UK 2017-06-14
Colibra™ antibody library technology antibody technology Isogenica Ltd. 2017-05-23
Helitron-based transposon technology for gene editing genomic technology Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-05-22
SCIB1 ImmunoBody® vaccine cancer vaccine Scancell (Group) 2017-05-11
Vaxem Hib® vaccine, influenza GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) 2017-05-09
BeBionic arm prothestic prosthetic Ottobock (Otto Bock) (Group) 2017-05-01
ColoPredict colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
ColoProg colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
ColoTox colorectal cancer test clinical test_other Iqvia (Group) 2017-04-19
Truxima® (biosimilar rituximab) MAb Purdue Pharma (Group) 2017-02-24
HDx™ cfDNA Reference Standard in Synthetic Plasma (product series) reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-02-20
HDx™ Multiplex I cfDNA Reference Standard Set in Synthetic Plasma reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Horizon Discovery (Group) 2017-02-20
PolyPEPI™ Immunotherapy Cancer Vaccine for colorectal cancer cancer vaccine Treos Bio (Group) 2017-02-13
llamdA™ VHH single-domain antibody library antibody technology Isogenica Ltd. 2017-02-06
isoprime precisION IRMS system mass spectrometer_other Elementar (Group) 2017-01-19
isoprime visION IRMS system mass spectrometer_other Elementar (Group) 2017-01-19
ESM™ technology (Esterase Sensitive Motif technology) drug delivery technology_o Macrophage Pharma Ltd. (MPL) 2017-01-09
Calquence® BTK inhibitor AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-01-01
Phloral® drug delivery technology oral drug delivery technology Intract Pharma Ltd. 2017-01-01
BT1718 (Bicycle Therapeutics) cancer drug_o Bicycle Therapeutics (Group) 2016-11-28
SnapFast™ technology genomic technology Oxford Genetics Ltd. 2016-10-27
HiSorb sorptive extraction technology (product series) thermal analytical instrument Schauenburg (Group) 2016-10-18
Humabody® Drug Conjugates (HDCs) therapeutic antibody Crescendo Biologics Ltd. 2016-10-10
Humabody® technology antibody technology Crescendo Biologics Ltd. 2016-10-10
ReCIVA™ Breathalyzer diagnostic device, clinical Owlstone (Group) 2016-10-04
TMTcalibrator mass spectrometry workflow mass spectrometry (MS) Proteome Sciences (Group) 2016-09-22
Phagenyx® medical device medical device_o Nestlé (Group) 2016-09-01
Solaris Nitrogen gas generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2016-09-01
Flavor Stability Packace (Flavor Stability e-scan Beer-Analyzer EPR instrument + methods) analytical instrument_other Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-08-15
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