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PhoreMost–Polaris Quantum Biotech: cancer drug discovery, 202201– collab r+d using Tachyon quantum computing platform with Siteseeker platform


Period Period 2022-01-05
Organisations Partner, 1st PhoreMost Ltd.
  Partner, 2nd Polaris Quantum Biotech (POLARISqb) (US)
Products Product Siteseeker® drug target discovery technology
  Product 2 Tachyon™ quantum computing platform

PhoreMost Ltd.. (1/5/22). "Press Release: PhoreMost and POLARISqb Announce a Multi-target Collaboration to Investigate Next-generation Cancer Therapies". Cambridge & Durham, NC.

PhoreMost Limited, a UK-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing drugs against intractable disease targets, and Polaris Quantum Biotech (POLARISqb), a NC-based quantum computing drug design company, today announced a collaboration to study oncology targets currently considered undruggable.

Under the terms of the agreement, the POLARISqb Tachyon™ quantum computing platform will be used to scan billions of molecules from a large chemical space, to find novel molecular drugs, based on the information obtained from PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER® phenotypic screening platform. Together, this partnership aims to discover and develop the next generation of oncology therapies.

PhoreMost’s novel target-identification platform, SITESEEKER, rapidly identifies unexpected or “cryptic” druggable sites across the entire genome, within targets previously considered undruggable, using the inherent shape diversity and disease functionality of PROTEINi® (protein interference) protein-fragment libraries in live cells. POLARISqb has built the first ever drug discovery platform using a quantum computer, Tachyon, which has the potential to drastically shorten the drug discovery process. By utilizing the increased power of quantum computers, POLARISqb is able to perform combinatorial optimizations in minutes that would take classical supercomputers months or even years to complete, leading to reduced drug development timelines and more efficient research.

“This collaboration is a significant milestone for POLARISqb, Quantum Computing technology is coming of age, allowing us to revolutionize drug discovery timelines and budgets, while improving the overall profile of the designed drugs. The experience and speed of PhoreMost’s technology is a great match to POLARISqb and we are excited to work together.” said Dr. Shahar Keinan, POLARISqb CEO.

“This partnership represents the ultimate ambition for any collaboration between biology and technology, where the full diversity of newly identified druggable disease targets generated by biological PROTEINi shape-libraries can now be married to the most logical and rapid method of finding small-molecule drugs to them. This best-in-class intersection of biotech and AI is going to be an exciting and transformative milestone for the entire pharmaceutical industry.” Dr Chris Torrance, CEO, PhoreMost, commented.

Media enquiries

Zyme Communications:
Katie Odgaard
Phone: +44 (0)7787 502 947

At PhoreMost Ltd:
Dr Neil Torbett, CBO
Phone: +44 (0)1223 856 740

For POLARISqb Media Inquiries:

Will Simpson

About PhoreMost:

PhoreMost has developed a next-generation phenotypic screening platform called SITESEEKER® that can discern the best new targets for future therapy and crucially, how to drug them, which has the potential to significantly increase the diversity and affordability of novel therapeutics for cancer and other unmet diseases. Based on the Company’s core proprietary 'Protein Interference' technology, SITESEEKER® systematically unmasks cryptic druggable sites across the entire human genome and directly links them to useful therapeutic functions in a live-cell context. Using this platform, PhoreMost is building a pipeline of novel drug discovery programmes aimed at addressing a range of unmet diseases.

About POLARISqb: POLARISqb is the first drug discovery platform built on a quantum computer. The company is transforming health for people everywhere by revolutionizing drug design with the acceleration of lead time for preclinical drug candidates. Founded in 2020 by Shahar Keinan, CEO, and Bill Shipman, CTO, POLARISqb uses the latest innovations in cloud, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to operate 10,000 times faster than any alternative solutions in the market. Learn more today at

Record changed: 2022-01-18


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