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Please find below all kinds of products and services related to organisations from the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and the Republic of Ireland i.e., the “product portfolio” of these regions.

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GlycanAge® test diagnostic test GlycanAge Ltd. 2024-02-21
Ignite™ virtual screening drug discovery technology structure-based drug design Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd. 2024-02-21
Nadmed technology diagnostics (medical/biological)_oo Nadmed Oy 2024-02-01
96 well PLA plate, Green Elephant Biotech 96 well plate (96-well plate) Green Elephant Biotech GmbH 2024-01-29
CytAtlas™ platform (AI-based immune atlas) AI-based drug discovery technology Melio Healh (Group) (IMU Biosciences) 2024-01-24
PETRA III synchrotron lightsource (at DESY) laboratory equipment and instruments_oo Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) 2023-12-14
KaritroMP macro mass photometer mass photometry technology Refeyn (Group) 2023-11-30
Evinova drug development suite clinical software tools AstraZeneca (Group) 2023-11-20
polyNaut® drug delivery platform drug delivery technology_o ViaNautis Bio Ltd. 2023-11-13
Starmap® (digital AI version of the CESS® technology) drug delivery technology_o Nanoform (Group) 2023-10-23
MassFluidix® High Concentration (HC) microfluidic system sample preparation (technology)_o Refeyn (Group) 2023-10-17
Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT scanner (total-body scanner) PET/CT device Siemens (Group) 2023-10-05
SPARTA® technology (Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis) spectroscopy Sparta Biodiscovery Ltd. 2023-09-28
INDUCE-seq™ DNA break mapping technology advanced therapeutic product (gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering products) 2023-09-18
GRIT™ technology platform (Genetically Reconfigured and Improved Treg) T cell therapy Bastion Therapeutics Ltd. 2023-09-12
SB17 (ustekinumab biosimilar of Samsung Bioepis) MAb Samsung (Group) 2023-09-11
ChAdOx technology (Univ Oxford) vaccine technology University of Oxford 2023-08-29
SamuxMP software package for GMP (incl. AcquireMP, EvaluateMP and ManageMP) bioinformatics_oo Refeyn (Group) 2023-08-15
Tami digital patient companion app (Temedica / AbbVie) digital health app AbbVie (Group) 2023-08-02
MICROVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
MULTIVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
N-EVAP blowdown evaporator nitrogen blowdown evaporator Organomation (US) 2023-07-20
gSynth™ DNA synthesis platform genomic technology Camena Bioscience Ltd. 2023-07-03
Absolute Free Energy Perturbation software (AQ-FEP™ software) drug discovery software SandboxAQ (Group) 2023-06-22
AQ technology (SandboxAQ) artificial intelligence_o SandboxAQ (Group) 2023-06-22
RNAscope™ HiPley technology molecular diagnostics Bio-Techne (Group) 2023-06-17
Foxp3 Phenotype Lock (Quell Therapeutics) T cell therapy Quell Therapeutics Ltd. (QuellTX) 2023-06-09
ImmunoINSIGHTS autoantibody discovery platform proteomic technology Freenome (Group) 2023-05-22
APIS Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit cancer test APIS Assay Technologies (Group) 2023-04-04
APIS Precision Expression Assay diagnostic test APIS Assay Technologies (Group) 2023-04-04
APIS SARS-CoV-2 IgG ELISA Kit clinical test_other APIS Assay Technologies (Group) 2023-04-04
APIS SARS-CoV-2 IgG ELONA Kit clinical test_other APIS Assay Technologies (Group) 2023-04-04
Clickmers (ligand binding technology) drug development technology APIS Assay Technologies (Group) 2023-04-04
SR One Fund II (closing 3/23) fund, human health SR One (Group) 2023-03-27
ENIGMAC™ macrophage drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Macomics Ltd. 2023-03-23
NeXT Personal® assay for liquid biopsy cancer test Personalis (Group) 2023-03-07
eXpDNA™ platform genomic technology Charles River (Group) 2023-02-15
KnotBody® platform phage display technology Maxion Therapeutics Ltd. 2023-02-15
SamuxMP Auto mass photometer mass photometry technology Refeyn (Group) 2023-02-14
Cydar EV Maps AI-based healthcare/medical product Cydar (Group) 2023-02-13
Capitainer®CF (CellFree) remote self-sampling product sample extraction (technology)_o Capitainer AB 2023-01-30
Calantic™ Digital Solutions medical imaging platform imaging technology_o Bayer (Group) 2023-01-18
Filsuvez® pharmaceutical_oo Amryt Pharma (Group) 2023-01-08
StablevaX™ fridge-free vaccine technology vaccine technology Stablepharma (Group) 2022-12-23
StablevaX™-Td (fridge-free Tetanus diphtheria vaccine) vaccine technology Stablepharma (Group) 2022-12-23
Cyto Engine™ platform cell therapy technology MicrofluidX Ltd. 2022-12-08
DiseaseBank™ repository of chronic disease studies biological/chemical database_o PrecisionLife (Group) 2022-11-08
Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE) (BC Platforms) data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) 2022-11-08
SonoTran® ultrasound-based drug delivery platform drug delivery technology_o OxSonics Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-11-07
PROTEINi® technology (protein interference) drug discovery technology_o PhoreMost Ltd. 2022-10-28
GenLink3D™ technology platform genomic technology Enhanc3D Genomics Ltd. 2022-10-20
HEPTAD platform (for antibody discovery) antibody technology AbbVie (Group) 2022-10-20
Actiphage® blood test (TB test) diagnostic test PBD Biotech (Group) 2022-10-17
sAAVy™ gene delivery platform gene therapy technology AstraZeneca (Group) 2022-10-03
CellAi (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
ChemStress Clone Robustness (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
Quantum (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
ValitaTiter (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
GenomOncology Precision Oncology Platform (GO POP) genomic software tools GenomOncology LLC (GO) 2022-08-04
Somnia Digital Health Solution digital health app ResMed (Group) 2022-08-02
DropSynth™ technology (genome writing platform) genomic technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
LASR™ technology (evolutionary inference algorithm platform for rewriting proteins) genomic technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
synHSV™ vector technology vector (biotech) Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
uCell™ technology (iPSC-derived cell source) cell therapy technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
flowDx technology point-of-care diagnostic device Highfield Diagnostics Ltd. (HDx) 2022-07-05
I-ReSToRE drug discovery platform (incl. Checkpoint Atlas™) drug discovery technology_o MiroBio Ltd. 2022-06-29
Dragonfly™ portable rapid IVD system point-of-care diagnostic device ProtonDx Ltd. 2022-06-21
DragonFold technology AI-based drug discovery technology Charm Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-06-09
Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund II (Forbion Growth II) fund, human health Forbion (Group) 2022-06-09
Condensomis™ platform (microfluidics-driven machine learning approach to biomolecular condensate drug discovery) AI-based drug discovery technology Transition Bio (Group) 2022-06-02
HH2E-Werk hydrogen power station Versorgungsunternehmen HH2E (Group) 2022-06-01
MAPS™ technology (Multiple Antigen Presenting System) vaccine technology GSK (Group) 2022-05-31
SINEUP® platform genomic technology Transine Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-05-31
Dual Plasmid Transfection System (Oxford Biomedica) gene therapy technology Oxford Biomedica (Group) 2022-05-06
OdyssION™ technology platform drug discovery technology_o OMass Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-04-28
BioCaptis cell free DNA (cfDNA) capture device nucleic acid purification (technology) BioCaptiva Ltd. 2022-04-13
OGAP® drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd. (OBT) 2022-04-13
gameChangeVR™ virtual reality cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) disease/treatment management software BehaVR (Group) 2022-04-07
synTQ® PAT software manufacturing software_o Bruker (Group) 2022-04-05
Flex-Seq® Ex-L technology DNA/RNA sequencing LGC (Group) 2022-04-01
Avatar-Rxy genomically-enabled drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o LifeMine Therapeutics (Group) 2022-03-23
Gilde Healthcare Private Equity IV fund (GHPE IV) fund, human health_o Gilde Investment (Group) 2022-03-16
MEDILens drug-eluting intraocular lens implants drug delivery technology_o VisusNano Ltd. 2022-03-09
Veros™ Covid-19 test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Sherlock Biosciences (Group) 2022-03-01
DRIVE™-Biologics discovery + development services (Abzena/Alira Health/Oncodesign) drug development services Abzena (Group) 2022-02-24
SemaCyte® cell assaying platform drug screening (HTS) Semarion Ltd. 2022-02-22
Microcycle® technology platform (incl. library) drug discovery technology_o Curve Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-02-16
protein splicing technology drug development technology SpliceBio S.L. 2022-02-16
GAN DIO-NASH mouse model drug development technology Gubra ApS 2022-02-10
mRNAi GOLD™ platform genomic technology Silence Therapeutics (Group) 2022-02-10
streaMLine target and drug discovery platform AI-based drug discovery technology Gubra ApS 2022-02-10
TwoMP Auto mass photometer mass photometry technology Refeyn (Group) 2022-02-09
eDNA™ synthesis technology 3D bioprinting_o Nuclera (Group) 2022-02-02
eDrop™ digital microfluidics technology biochip technology (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip)_o Nuclera (Group) 2022-02-02
eProtein™ desktop bioprinter bioprinter (bioprinting system) Nuclera (Group) 2022-02-02
eProtein™ synthesis technology 3D bioprinting_o Nuclera (Group) 2022-02-02
OpenCB platform data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) Zetta Genomics (Group) 2022-02-01
XetaBase platform (genomic data management technology) data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) Zetta Genomics (Group) 2022-02-01
Kimmtrak® cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Immunocore Holdings plc (Nasdaq: IMCR) 2022-01-26
Nanoimager microscope_o Oxford Nanoimaging (ONI) (Group) 2022-01-20
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